Top 10 HR questions January 2020: Coronavirus and Brexit

A McDonald's worker in Seoul wears a face mask. Photo: Stanislav Varivoda/Tass/PA Images

What steps should employers take to manage the coronavirus outbreak?

At the start of the new year, employers have been preparing for the threat of the coronavirus as well as thinking about the impact of Brexit. These are issues addressed in the top 10 FAQs on XpertHR in January.

FAQs on annual leave also feature in the top 10, including how to pro-rata holiday entitlements for part time employees and for term-time workers.

The top 10 HR questions in January 2020:

1. What impact will Brexit have on EU nationals currently working in the UK?

2. What impact will Brexit have on employment law?

3. When does overtime have to be included in holiday pay?

4. If an employee has symptoms associated with the coronavirus, or has been in contact with an infected person, or someone who has recently travelled to China, can they be instructed not to come to work?

5. What should the employer and employee discuss at an individual redundancy consultation meeting?

6. Must an employer disclose notes and witness statements produced during a grievance or disciplinary procedure if an employee requests them?

7. If an employer provides for pro rata bank holiday entitlement for part-time employees, how should it calculate this?

8. Is there any duty on employers to close their workplace during a flu pandemic or an infectious disease outbreak to prevent the spread of viruses such as the coronavirus?

9. How should an employer calculate a term-time worker’s paid holiday?

10. What is the status of workers engaged on casual or zero hours contracts?


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