Pensions are becoming ever more a part of employers’ benefits packages, now that pensions pensions auto-enrolment is being rolled out.

Employers must comply with the auto-enrolment requirements from their “staging date”, depending on their size.

FAQs: Getting a CIPD qualification

21 Jan 2002

Boucher answers your most Frequently Asked Questions about studying for – and
achieving – CIPD qualifications.
can I...

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How to be upwardly mobile

1 Jan 2002

Pip Thomas, 35, explains how her brand of emotional intelligence will boost her role as training and development manager at One 2 One Retail

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Pressing for returns

27 Nov 2001

Blowing the budget on HR IT systems in time of recession may not sound like good business sense, but suppliers armed with ever-more sophisticated tools are making the case for investing now to get ahead in the human capital game. By Keith Rodgers

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Gearing up for corporate coaching

1 Nov 2001

General Motors University was launched to close the 'human-to-technology' gap. Four years on, it forms the hub of the company's global development programme and is set to become a centre for its knowledge management

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How to make waves – and influence people

1 Sep 2001

Allowing managers to import outside ideas into their organisations can threaten the established culture, yet also bring massive benefits. Training and development professionals can help broker such changes - but, say Catherine Bailey and David Butcher, it takes courage

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Community of learners

1 Sep 2001

What does it take to get an open learning centre used and
accepted? Lex Multipart believes the local partnerships can...

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HR academy: London Business School

7 Aug 2001

HR specific/ related courses HR Strategy in Transforming
Organisations is a five-day course held several times a year as part...

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In brief

1 Jul 2001

This month’s news in brief
Reps push open learning
Product support specialist Lex Multipart is promoting its recently launched

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The world at your fingertips

1 Jun 2001

management consultancy KPMG had to respond rapidly to its clients’ needs for
new e-business skills and knowledge. If it...

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High demand, low supply

1 May 2001

conflict and lack of funds block training and development in Africa and the
Middle East, says Alan Hosking

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Your guide to e-learning: Troubleshooter

3 Apr 2001

and answers on e-learning
We have invested a significant amount of money in developing an e-learning
solution but...

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Pay on demand

1 Feb 2001

With skill shortages a major problem for many employers,
those with "hot" skills can command ever-higher salaries throughout
the whole...

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Resource guide: Flu vaccines

1 Oct 2000

As we head into the flu vaccination season, we provide a list of essential information sources

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Lessons in learning

11 Apr 2000

The Government aims to create a learning society. But many training and
development experts complain of “initiatives”, and even a...

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