Asylum seekers

An asylum seeker is someone who has applied for recognition of refugee status in the UK and is awaiting a decision on his or her application for refugee status.

Asylum seekers do not normally have the right to work in the UK. In contrast, refugees (ie those who have received a positive decision on their asylum claim) have full employment rights in the UK.

AUDIO – Friday Podcast: health and safety, higher education HR, a tribunal In the Night Garden and Learning at Work Day

18 Jan 2008

News and analysis in the human resources sector including:

alarming news on news EU proposals for health and safety

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AUDIO: Friday Podcast

11 Jan 2008

News and analysis in the human resources sector including: a look at the possible establishment of a new diversity association...

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TUC backs Barnado’s calls for UK asylum seekers to work

7 Jan 2008

The TUC has backed calls from children’s charity Barnado’s to allow UK asylum seekers to work.The charity’s report – ‘Like...

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AUDIO: Friday Podcast

4 Jan 2008

Human resources news and analysis including:

a look at what 2008 has in prospect for employers
the first major tribunal...

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Immigration minister Liam Byrne grants Watford footballer Al Bangura reprieve from deportation

20 Dec 2007

Watford footballer Al Bangura has been granted a last-minute reprieve from deportation to Sierra Leone after immigration minister Liam Byrne...

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Home Office’s immigration policy confirms employers face £10,000 fine for unwittingly hiring an illegal worker

26 Nov 2007

Companies face being hit with a £10,000 fine for each illegal worker they unwittingly hire after the government confirmed that...

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Home Office admits 5,000 illegal immigrants were cleared to work as security

12 Nov 2007

The government is to check the immigration status of 40,000 staff cleared to work in the security industry following revelations...

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Catering sector could face problems following work permit changes

2 Nov 2007

A solicitor at a Yorkshire law firm has said that HR professionals working in the catering industry could face serious...

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Immigration survey finds migrants earn on average £1,500 a year more than UK-born workers

17 Oct 2007

Migrants earn higher wages than UK-born workers, a government report has revealed.The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigration found that...

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Visa applications centres closure plan raises fears of more potential terrorists getting jobs in the UK

9 Jul 2007

ExclusiveThe government plans to close down UK visa application outposts in more than 140 countries, increasing the risk of potential...

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Firms would benefit from employing refugees in appropriate jobs if there was more support on bureaucratic processes

22 Jun 2007

Employers need to have access to improved information that demonstrates the benefits of employing refugee workers, research has found.A study...

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Economic, employment, educational and environmental factors cause seven-year gap in life expectancy of men in London

1 May 2007

Rising unemployment in London has been blamed in part for the seven-year variation in the average life expectancy of people...

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Legal profession gives guarded support to immigration minister Liam Byrne over points-based system

24 Apr 2007

Legal experts have broadly defended immigration minister Liam Byrne over his new points-based work visa system – but not without...

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Fears for immigrants on work permits grow as changes to Highly Skilled Migrant Programme take effect

18 Apr 2007

Fears are growing over the welfare of the tens of thousands of immigrant workers who face being forced out of...

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Ministry of Defence and Identity and Passport Service staff to strike over pay

23 Mar 2007

Thousands of workers at the Ministry of Defence and Identity and Passport Service are to strike on 30 March in...

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