Dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution describes a range of techniques that involve a neutral third party helping to resolve a dispute between two parties, before recourse to courts or tribunals is necessary. Types of alternative dispute resolution include arbitration, conciliation, mediation and early neutral evaluation.


Nine in 10 collective conciliation agreements are put in place

More than nine in 10 collective agreements met through Acas conciliation were fully implemented in the workplace, the advice service...


What can Amazon teach us about workplace relations?

19 Oct 2015

Amazon may be one of the world’s most successful online retailers, but the company hit the headlines recently due to...

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Strike reforms: Turnout thresholds are the least of the unions’ problems

3 Sep 2015

Consultant editor Darren Newman examines the Trade Union Bill and explains why, as currently drafted, the Bill places more restrictions...

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Will tougher trade union laws curb strike action?

7 Apr 2015

Public-sector stoppages have prompted the Conservatives to propose reforms that they think would curb strike action. But will these reforms...

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personality clashes in the workplace - two men at loggerheads

Personality clashes in the workplace: five interesting employment cases

27 Feb 2015

Personality clashes are the third most common cause of workplace conflict, according to an XpertHR survey. In what circumstances can...

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Dealing with a grievance

Five steps for dealing with a grievance raised by one employee about another

28 Jan 2015

When an employee raises a grievance, it is often about another employee. It could be an allegation of bullying by...

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Chuka Umunna. Photo: Ray Tang/REX

Labour government would scrap “unfair” employment tribunal system

9 Sep 2014

A Labour government would completely reform the employment tribunal system the party has announced.
Speaking at the TUC Congress in...

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Acas chair Brendan Barber

Brendan Barber: Do organisations expect too much of line managers?

3 Jun 2014

The onus is often on the line manager to fulfil many core workplace objectives, from productivity to wellbeing. Brendan Barber,...

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What is the role of mediation in the new early conciliation arrangements?

11 Apr 2014

Clarion’s John Robinson looks at how the introduction of Acas early conciliation may affect the employment tribunal process.
On 6...

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Five steps to early conciliation

Early conciliation: five initial steps for employers when Acas makes contact

10 Apr 2014

A fundamental difference for employers under the early conciliation regime is that they may first be alerted to a potential...

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Early conciliation

Early conciliation and tribunal fees – the changing landscape for employment disputes

9 Apr 2014

From 6 May 2014, those seeking to bring an employment tribunal claim must first contact Acas so that an attempt at early conciliation can be made...

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Tribunal claims plummet after introduction of fees. Photo:REX/Andy Paradise

Tribunal claims plummet after introduction of fees

13 Mar 2014

The introduction of employment tribunal fees has led to a huge reduction in cases with only one tribunal claim in...

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Can early conciliation succeed where dispute resolution procedures failed?

12 Mar 2014

Consultant editor Darren Newman asks if the new early conciliation process can avoid the unforeseen litigation over the detail that...

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The new Acas early conciliation services launch on 6 April 2014

Early conciliation detail revealed

14 Feb 2014

Regulations outlining how early conciliation will work when launched in April 2014 have been published today by the Government.

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The importance of handling grievances properly

6 Jan 2014

Andrew McConnell, an associate at Brodies, looks at the potential consequences of mishandling an employee’s grievance and provides some…

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