Industrial action / strikes

Industrial action will be lawful only if the trade union has complied with various statutory requirements, including those relating to balloting members and notifying the employer of intended industrial action.

If a union fails to comply with the relevant statutory requirements, the industrial action will be unlawful. This will give the employer grounds to apply for an injunction to stop the proposed industrial action.


Nearly all junior doctors vote in favour of strikes

Nearly all (98%) junior doctors balloted by the British Medical Association (BMA) have voted in favour of strikes, for the...

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Trade Unions Bill: special two-part podcast

20 Oct 2015

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair CEO, said this summer that “strikes should not be the first club in the golf bag you...

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Strike reforms: Turnout thresholds are the least of the unions’ problems

3 Sep 2015

Consultant editor Darren Newman examines the Trade Union Bill and explains why, as currently drafted, the Bill places more restrictions...

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Trade Union Bill: Government to stop automatic payment of union fees

6 Aug 2015

The Government has announced plans to stop public-sector workers paying their union subscriptions straight from their salaries.
As part of...

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Fresh tube strikes due to go ahead this evening

5 Aug 2015

With fresh tube and rail strikes set to go ahead this evening, how can employers prepare for the impact this...

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Trade Union Bill provokes anger from unions

15 Jul 2015

The Government has launched its Trade Union Bill – its legislation designed to toughen up existing laws on strike action....

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Unite union paves the way for unlawful strikes

13 Jul 2015

The UK’s biggest union, Unite, has passed a motion to remove a clause in its rules that requires members to...

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Tube strike: how to deal with disruption to employees’ journeys

8 Jul 2015

With tube and rail strikes set to go ahead this evening, how can employers prepare for the impact this could...

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Industrial action reform: the Government’s proposals

27 May 2015

Consultant editor Darren Newman examines Government's proposals for reform in relation to industrial action, and balloting thresholds in particular.

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Rail strikes called off as unions suspend action

21 May 2015

The planned rail strikes for next Monday and Tuesday have now been called off.
Earlier today, the Transport Salaried Staff’s...

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New strike laws to make industrial action “close to impossible”

12 May 2015

The Conservative Party will announce plans in the Queen’s Speech this month to make it harder for employees to go...

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Will tougher trade union laws curb strike action?

7 Apr 2015

Public-sector stoppages have prompted the Conservatives to propose reforms that they think would curb strike action. But will these reforms...

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London bus drivers on strike last month. Photo: REX/Grant Falvey/LNP

Do Tory plans strike a blow against industrial action?

4 Feb 2015

The Conservatives have indicated that their manifesto for the 2015 general election will include a tougher stance on strike ballots,...

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Teachers protesting in March 2014. Photo: REX/London News Pictures

Public-sector strikes cause disruption for parents

10 Jul 2014

Parents and their employers face disruption today as teachers join other public-sector workers in a strike over pay, pensions and...

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The European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg, France. Photo: REX/Image Broker

Law against sympathy strikes is lawful, rules human rights court

9 Apr 2014

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has held that a UK law preventing “sympathy” strikes is lawful.
Transport union...

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