Employment contracts

Employers are required to provide employees with an employment contract, a written statement of certain terms and conditions of their employment, within two months of the beginning of their employment.

Employer should always consult with the employee prior to changing an employee's contract of employment. Failure to follow a fair procedure when varying employees' terms and conditions of employment may result in an employee bringing a claim for breach of contract.

Transfer trivia

1 Jun 2004

Is the Code of Practice on public sector staff transfers really preventing two-tier workforces?

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Fears of an army reservist backlash prove unfounded

18 May 2004

The deployment of army reservists in Iraq requires a balancing act between the employee's right to be reinstated on their return, and the employer's right to protect its business interests. John Charlton reports on the state of play so far

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Love actually

1 Apr 2004

Workplace romances are inevitable considering the amount of time spent at work. But it is important that employers have a...

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E is for evidence

23 Mar 2004

Company e-mails are increasingly turning up in court as evidence in litigation cases. To help employers protect themselves, HR must ensure that company e-mail policies are watertight.

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TUC attacked over call for full employment rights

17 Jan 2003

TUC call for the Government to extend full employment rights to all workers by
closing the legal loopholes around...

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Scope of employment legislation to extend?

18 Jun 2002

Leaked reports of workplace laws shake-up refer to staff being able to claim greater compensation and claim it sooner

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