Visible difference

Articles on these pages relate to the inclusion of people with a visible difference in the workplace. The Equality Act 2010 provides protection for people with “severe disfigurements” but this topic covers all types of visible difference, whether its a mark, scar or condition on their face or body – anything that makes them look different.

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UPS to allow beards and piercings in new inclusive dress code

11 Nov 2020

Delivery service UPS (United Parcel Service) will relax its rules on employee appearance, lifting a ban on drivers having facial...

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Disabled staff work the ‘next two months for free’

4 Nov 2019

The size of the disability pay gap means the average disabled employee effectively works for free for the last two...

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Guide improves recruitment for visibly different candidates

23 Sep 2019

Changing Faces has launched a guide to help employers provide a positive recruitment process for people with a visible difference such as a mark or scar.

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Culture shift needed to tackle discrimination against visibly-different staff

23 May 2019

A significant culture shift, driven by leadership teams, is needed to tackle...

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Wheelchair at bottom of stairs

Disability discrimination: 10 conditions employers might overlook

6 Mar 2014

One of the first things that HR professionals, line managers and occupational health specialists should learn about disability discrimination is...

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Abercrombie & Fitch could face discrimination claims over ‘cool and good-looking’ job ad

11 Feb 2010

A controversial job ad for “cool and good-looking” staff at a major high-street retailer leaves the company wide open to...

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Disfigurement: Looking beyond face value

8 Feb 2010

A disfigurement resulting from trauma, burns or surgery, may require support from occupational health (OH). With one in 111 people...

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Facing up to the reality of disfigurement

17 Nov 2008

Last month the national press picked up on the case of Edward Johnson, who believed that he was being discriminated...

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Facial disfigurement in spotlight as man shunned for being ‘too ugly’

22 Oct 2008

An unemployed man with a facial disfigurement claims he is being discriminated against by employers for being “too ugly”.Edward Johnson,...

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Facial discrimination campaign taken up by Barclays

18 Jul 2008

Barclays is the first company to sign up to a new campaign that aims to raise awareness of ‘facial discrimination’.Despite...

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Prejudice rife over people with facial disfigurements

6 May 2008

An overwhelming majority of people prejudice those with facial disfigurements, a survey has revealed.Research by the charity Changing Faces has...

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How far should the Disability Discrimination Act go?

29 Apr 2008

A recent Glasgow employment tribunal ruled that baldness was not a disability. James Campbell, a 61-year-old retired teacher, argued that...

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Facial disfigurement charity hopes every face will tell a story in nationwide workplace survey

1 Nov 2007

A major survey on the experiences people in the workplace with facial disfigurements has been launched by Changing Faces, a...

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In the eye of the beholder? When does teasing at work become harassment?

13 Jun 2007

Teasing people about their appearance is rife in workplaces in the UK.

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