Now more than ever, expatriation of employees is an essential part of managing the workforce in international organisations. It is important that workers’ skills are put to best use across the world.

Organisations should give careful consideration to the locations to which they send employees. There are many factors to take into account, including political stability, legal and tax requirements, employment costs, transport links and language and cultural barriers.

European cities take seven slots in top 10 worldwide rankings for quality of living standards

10 Jun 2008

European cities dominate the top 10 worldwide rankings for locations with the best quality of living, according to Mercer’s 2008...

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Abu Dhabi construction project generates 60,000 jobs

7 May 2008

Recruitment firm Orion Group is looking to hire up to 60,000 people for one of the world’s biggest construction projects....

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HP top talent encouraged to work abroad

13 Mar 2008

Rising stars at technology firm HP are being told to work abroad to avoid getting stuck in a rut by...

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Mercer Human Resource Consulting survey finds Moscow is most expensive place for expatriates to live

18 Jun 2007

Moscow is the world’s most expensive city for expatriates for the second consecutive year, according to annual research.
A study by...

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Cranfield School of Management and Expatica survey shows that independent work-related assignments are more useful that company-directed assignments abroad

13 Jun 2007

Professionals who move abroad independently out of a sense of adventure and are willing take a career risk may gain...

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Employers failing to keep top talent as increasing numbers of expats walk out after return to UK

9 Nov 2006

Companies that send employees on international assignments are failing to capitalise on this investment and losing talented staff through inadequate...

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UK and Poland sign treaty to put end to unfair ‘Pole tax’

21 Jul 2006

Anglo-Polish accord puts end to tax double-whammy for Poles working in the UK.

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Zurich tops poll of best cities to work in

10 Apr 2006

London is 39th in a list of 215 cities ranked according to the quality of life for workers

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Safety first

12 Jul 2005

Sending employees to dangerous places is a necessity for some employers. Ross Bentley finds out how HR can reduce the...

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More guidance is needed on rights of overseas staff

7 Jun 2005

Only those employees who are “employed in Great Britain” can bring unfair dismissal claims. This was the Court of Appeal’s...

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Leaving on a jet plane: transferring staff abroad

31 May 2005

Alex Blyth investigates the seven rules of employee relocation

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Eleven Rover staff stranded in Asia

29 Apr 2005

Eleven of MG Rover's overseas employees are still waiting to return to the UK - more than two weeks after the collapse of the company

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UK backpackers work in India’s call centres

28 Apr 2005

Young people from the UK are funding their travel plans by working for call centres in India

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How to deal with expats when they return home

8 Mar 2005

An employee's time abroad is normally when support is provided from the employer. However, coming home means upheaval, which can in turn bring stress. It falls to HR departments to confront the disconcerting effects of repatriation.

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Global group aims to strike right balance to keep talent

22 Feb 2005

An alliance of multinational organisations hopes to break down the barriers to providing opportunities for spouses of international staff

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