Now more than ever, expatriation of employees is an essential part of managing the workforce in international organisations. It is important that workers’ skills are put to best use across the world.

Organisations should give careful consideration to the locations to which they send employees. There are many factors to take into account, including political stability, legal and tax requirements, employment costs, transport links and language and cultural barriers.

HR news round-up: HR stories making the headlines 1 September 2010

1 Sep 2010

A round-up of HR-related stories in today’s newspapers.Britain faces a “brain drain” of talented professionals after it emerged that one-fifth of...

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African cities among most expensive places for expats

29 Jun 2010

Luanda in Angola, Africa, is the world’s most expensive city for expatriates to live, according to annual research. Two other...

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European cities lead the world on quality of life for employees

26 May 2010

European cities continue to dominate the top 25 worldwide locations with the best quality of living for workers, annual research...

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Overseas workers: out of sight, out of mind?

7 May 2010

An overseas posting brings with it exciting opportunities to experience diverse cultures; taste new food; learn a foreign language; participate...

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ORC Worldwide survey confirms companies continue cost savings initiatives in expatriate programs

3 Sep 2009

In a just-released follow-up to its 2008 Flash Survey: Cost Savings Initiatives survey, ORC Worldwide, a global human resources (HR) consulting...

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ORC Worldwide finds Local-Plus PaY for expatriates in Asia gaining ground

13 Aug 2009

Asia’s expanding markets offer a multitude of financial opportunities – and challenges – for international investors. One such challenge is...

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Relocating families: advice for HR

6 Jul 2009

Henry Brookman warns that the stress of relocating for work can lead to family breakdown, and suggests how HR can...

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Managing expats: What expats need from HR

17 Jun 2009

The extent to which expatriates are managed by HR varies from company to company, depending on budget, resourcing and even economies of scale. But what management do they really need? Here expats spill the beans on what they most want from HR - and what they actually get. A current expat, a former expat, and a serial expat who has managed them too, offer their top tips for HR professionals. Tara Craig reports.

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Sending employees overseas – the risks

11 Jan 2009

The recent case of Michelle Palmer, a British expatriate working in Dubai who was caught cavorting on a beach with...

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Tax rate rise for top earners will deter employees from UK

26 Nov 2008

The increase in the tax rate to 45% for top earners will make the UK an unattractive place to work,...

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Expatriate employee numbers double

6 Nov 2008

The number of employees on international assignments has doubled over the last three years as part of the continuing trends...

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International assignments could cost the earth – but firms are in the dark

9 Oct 2008

Employers are failing to comprehensively measure the costs and return on investment (ROI) for staff sent on international assignments, a...

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Working internationally: 10 top tips for sending an employee overseas

8 Aug 2008

Sending an employee overseas can be a great opportunity for everyone involved, but, as Tara Craig discovers, without the right...

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Moscow crowned most expensive city for expats for third year running

24 Jul 2008

Moscow is the world’s most expensive city for expats for the third consecutive year, according to the annual Cost of...

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European cities take seven slots in top 10 worldwide rankings for quality of living standards

10 Jun 2008

European cities dominate the top 10 worldwide rankings for locations with the best quality of living, according to Mercer’s 2008...

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