Agency workers

Temporary agency workers offer great flexibility as an additional labour resource. They can fill in staffing gaps, often at very short notice, and can be engaged for anything from a few hours to weeks or months at a time.

Under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, on completing a qualifying period with a hirer, agency workers qualify for the same basic employment conditions that they would have had if directly recruited.

If an employer wishes to take on an agency worker as a permanent member of staff, it may have to pay a “transfer fee” (sometimes known as a “temp to perm” fee) to the agency supplying the worker.

TUC reissues call for government to implement EU laws on temporary workers

2 Jun 2006

Temporary workers still being shortchanged by UK employers, according to TUC.

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Hewitt claims NHS could save £80m through better use of staff

28 Apr 2006

Health minister claims better management could reduce agency staff costs in NHS.

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UK tops European league of part-time friendly nations

6 Apr 2006

UK employers are the most part-time friendly in Europe, according to a poll of 21,000 organisations.

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Court rules that agency workers can be employees of receiving organisation

10 Mar 2006

Landmark ruling throws world of agency workers into chaos.

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Temps are happier and healthier than permanent staff

30 Jan 2006

Temporary workers are happier and healthier than permanent workers, according to new research from the Department of Management at King's College London

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Private recruitment agencies ignoring ethical guidelines

4 Jan 2006

Ethical guidelines to stop hospitals poaching nurses from the poorest countries are being ignored by private recruiting agencies

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Have a rant… recruitment consultants

6 Dec 2005

There are far more 'issues' between HR and recruitment consultants than you covered in your 'Focus on... consultants' feature

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Background checks under scrutiny at Gate Gourmet

26 Aug 2005

Gate Gourmet’s staff practices hit the headlines again today when a newspaper reported that the airline caterer employs casual workers without conducting proper checks on their backgrounds

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Two pregnant workers accuse Blue Arrow of unfair dismissal

23 Aug 2005

Two pregnant women have accused a major high street recruiter of unfair dismissal, with one of them also claiming sex...

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Clarify arrangements before you employ agency workers

23 Aug 2005

The employment status of agency workers is far from clear. Individuals providing services under contracts in which they are expressly...

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Recruitment sector will suffer following ‘no’ votes on EU

3 Jun 2005

The French and Dutch "no" votes on the EU constitution could have serious repercussions for the recruitment sector of the UK economy, the Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo) has warned.

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NHS scheme aims to cut costs and reduce reliance on agency staff

19 May 2005

The NHS has set up a scheme to tackle the rising cost of employing agency staff by sharing best practice techniques across England.

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Businesses ignore terror threat

17 Feb 2005

Too many businesses are ill-prepared for the possibility of a terrorist attack, according to an NOP poll for the Institute...

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IT professionals prefer mobility despite concern of employers

26 Jan 2005

Despite the fact that employers want staff to have a more in-depth understanding of their businesses, IT professionals prefer to remain as contractors

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Attracting suitable candidates

1 Jul 2004

In this series, we delve into the XpertHR reference manual to find essential information relating to one of our features. This month's topic...

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