Oven-Ready HR Reheated: Dave Ulrich, Peter Cheese and more

David Ulrich, left, and Peter Cheese are among Oven-Ready HR's first six guests

Oven-Ready HR Reheated brings a selection of the key moments from Season 1. The first of two compilation episodes revisits the following interviews:

    1. Riham Satti discusses how AI removes unconscious bias from the hiring process and whether bias is always bad?
    2. Simon Morden explores the role of the manager / supervisor and the affect this relationship has on employee engagement
    3. Professor Dave Ulrich drills down to explain the purpose of HR and why the latest fads are often irrelevant
    4. Mark Kass reveals some of the things we’ve lost by working remotely due to Covid-19
    5. Peter Cheese reminds the HR profession to do more to tackle toxic cultures and bullying
    6. Charlie Gilkes reveals Covid-19 has taken its toll on him and his hospitality business.

The full episodes are available for download from Oven-Ready HR.

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