Mental health services should better support women who have experienced trauma

19 Dec 2018

Mental health support for women needs to be fundamentally redesigned to better respond to any trauma they may have faced,...

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Loneliness among ex-military increases physical and mental health risk

14 Dec 2018

Military veterans who feel lonely or isolated face an increased risk of developing mental and physical health conditions, research has...

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Triage: the (mostly) missing link in OH mental health

7 Dec 2018

Occupational mental health cases are normally not emergencies. Yet, supporting management and HR to adopt a triage approach to initial...

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Projects that help workers self-manage health conditions win funding

22 Nov 2018

Almost £4 million in government funding has been allocated to 19 projects designed to help people manage their health conditions...

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OH should take a ‘gendered approach’ to tackling mental ill health

19 Nov 2018

Terms like “mental ill health” risk alienating men, and occupational health should focus on tackling more general health concerns to...

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Employers press Theresa May to make mental health first aid mandatory

19 Nov 2018

More than 50 leaders of some of the UK’s biggest employers have signed a letter urging the government to make...

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Study finds link between arthritis and depression in older people

1 Oct 2018

Arthritis is more prevalent in older people with depression, a US study has found, highlighting the importance of screening for...

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Only half of staff with depression have received help from their manager

24 Jul 2018

Only half of UK employees with depression have been offered support from their managers, despite the suggestion that those who...

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CPD: Depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts in a teenage apprentice

3 Apr 2018

When a teenage apprentice posted suicidal thoughts on social media, his employer was alerted to the need for better communication...

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CPD: Depression in the workplace: the role of occupational health

5 Oct 2017

OH has a key role in supporting people with depression in the workplace, collaborating with HR, line managers and primary...

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More than one in three suffer anxiety, depression or stress at work

31 Aug 2017

More than one in three UK employees say they are working with anxiety, depression or stress, according to research.

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Return to work strategy for employee with depression

26 Jan 2016

Roza Mohammed-Collins and Anne Harriss examine a case study of an employee with depression, looking at the impact on work...

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How top European employers are targeting depression at work

26 Sep 2014

An alliance of European employers is calling on HR and occupational health (OH) professionals to push mental health, and depression...

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EAPs can help tackle depression and boost productivity

2 Apr 2014

Providing employees with access to an employee assistance programme (EAP) can help tackle depression and the associated impairment to workplace...

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Study shows cost of rising depression to the workplace

6 Jan 2014

The rising incidence of depression has profound effects in the workplace, according to an Australian study that seeks to build...

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