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HR Tech World: Why HR should embrace disruptive technology

When we talk about “disruptive HR”, what do we mean? As technology to support HR professionals becomes ever more sophisticated,...


HR Tech World London to tackle the future of HR

15 Mar 2017

Sir Ken Robinson, creativity expert and top-ranked TED talk speaker, will open London’s HR Tech World conference next week with...

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Artificial intelligence and HR tech grow in importance, Harvey Nash finds

26 Jan 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will have a major impact on HR and employment over the next five years, according...

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Transport for London collect their award foe Excellence in HR through Technology

Personnel Today Awards 2016: TfL scoops Technology prize for online learning

22 Nov 2016

Transport for London has won the 2016 Personnel Today Award for Excellence through Technology, sponsored by Broadbean, for implementing an...

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More than eight in 10 workers experience technology issues when presenting

14 Oct 2016

Speech written, slides prepared, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! The key to a successful presentation is preparation. However, little can prepare you...

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Workplace – formerly Facebook at Work

Workplace by Facebook: will platform familiarity spell success for business social network?

13 Oct 2016

Industry watchers are divided as to whether Facebook’s new “Workplace social network for business” will prove a hit in the...

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Anneka Rice in Channel 4's Treasure Hunt in 1988. Photo: Ian Parry / Associated Newspapers/REX/Shutterstock

Team building: Treasure hunts for the digital age

11 Oct 2016

If, when you hear “Treasure hunt”, you hark back to Anneka Rice’s popular 1980s game show, you are not alone....

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"Mileage padding" -where the employee claims for more fuel than they actually used -  is one of the most common forms of employee fraud

Tech to tackle temptation to tinker travel expenses

7 Oct 2016

Although no one truly knows the full extent of fraud, it is estimated that it costs the country as much...

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Scaled is designed to reduce the role of middle men. Image: Scaled Networks

Scaled Networks: cutting out the middle men in recruitment?

12 Aug 2016

There’s a general consensus that the amount of people who freelance, work part-time or take unguaranteed shift work is on...

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Gamification in recruitment: psychometric selection for more diverse talent

1 Aug 2016

As companies endeavour to attract candidates with the right skills, Cath Everett looks at how gamification is helping recruiters select...

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Does the rise of artificial intelligence mean the death of the recruiter?

19 Jul 2016

Recruitment is a prime candidate for automation through artificial intelligence and machine learning, but what does this mean for the...

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Why HR should embrace the gig economy

19 Jul 2016

Rather than feel threatened by the gig economy, HR should tap into the opportunities it offers for harnessing talent and...

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Is technology a drain on productivity?

17 May 2016

Technology is designed to help people do their jobs more efficiently. So why does it have such a big role...

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Sage acquires £10m stake in Fairsail HR software

6 May 2016

Sage has announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with UK HR software company Fairsail to deliver cloud-cased HR software...

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Arctic Shores managing director Robert Newry collects top prize at disruptHR

HR Tech World’s disruptHR: the ones to watch

23 Mar 2016

For the last three HR Tech World events, Faye Holland has interviewed and assessed dozens of companies who believe they...

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