Senior Managers Regime: New rules on references from 7 March

New rules regarding references in the financial services industry come into force on 7 March as part of the Senior...


Making the most of your gender pay gap report

With the gender pay gap reporting Regulations coming into force in April, it is critical that HR teams can understand...

Rushmore: If managers shy away from difficult conversations,  there is little discussion of any problems, and similar scores are awarded across the board.

Annual appraisals – good, bad or just ugly?

Many companies are moving away from annual appraisals towards monitoring employees’ progress throughout the year. Keely Rushmore offers advice on...


Mental health at work: look at the causes as well as the cure

Theresa May recently pledged to tackle the stigma around mental health problems with a host of new initiatives. However, HR...

Will Theresa May, seen here leaving the EU summit meeting in December 2016, support "EU associate citizenship" for UK nationals after Brexit? PHOTO: Pool Christopher Licoppe Belgia via ZUMA/press/REX/Shutterstock

Could “associate EU citizenship” become a worthwhile employee perk?

The proposal by an MEP that UK nationals could take out “associate EU citizenship” could appeal to UK employers who...


How to deal with subject access requests

Subject access requests – when an employee asks to see any personal data held on them – can throw legal...


Taxis and taxes: the wider implications of the Uber decision

Most of the attention focused on the recent Uber decision has focused on the employment law aspects of the case....


Agile working: not as flexible as you might think

Agile working, whether that’s allowing employees to work remotely or being flexible about hours, has been hailed as the answer...


Ten years of tackling age discrimination in the workplace

This weekend marks 10 years since age discrimination legislation was introduced, but how have these obligations influenced how multi-generational workplaces...

Three of the four GBBO presenters have announced they are leaving the show. Photo: Steve Meddle/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

What the Great British Bake Off teaches us about retaining talent

Fans of the Great British Bake Off are still reeling from the news it will move from the BBC to...


Are we seeing greater protection for whistleblowers?

Health Education England recently introduced whistleblowing protection for junior doctors. This forms part of a growing trend towards increased protection...


Illegal working: How employers can stay compliant

Burger chain Byron made headlines last month when the Home Office arrested a number of illegal workers. Given the tougher...

A microscopic image of the Zika virus. CDC/Phanie/REX/Shutterstock

Zika and employees – an unfortunate Olympic challenge

Ed Stacey examines whether employees can be forced to work in Brazil in light of the Zika virus

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