Human rights

European human rights laws are enshrined in the UK via the Human Rights Act 1998, which implements the European Convention on Human Rights.

Human rights principles of particular importance for employers include the right to: a fair and public hearing; peaceful enjoyment of possessions; freedom of assembly and association; prohibition of slavery and forced labour; freedom of expression; respect for private and family life; and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Human rights have been especially relevant to employment cases involving disciplinary hearings (particularly the right to be accompanied); trade union activities; religious discrimination; and monitoring of employees.

News in brief

1 Oct 2005

OH is part of H&S; Spotlight on ergonomics; Check law on testing

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Time to grieve

1 Sep 2005

What rights do employers and employees have when a worker is faced with a bereavement?

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CMI issue guide to beating the bullies

16 Aug 2005

Guide to dealing with bullying outlines key steps to tackling the problem.

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GMB claims electronic tagging dehumanises workforce

7 Jun 2005

The GMB has accused some employers of dehumanising their workforce, after a report for the union showed the use of electronic tagging for staff was on the rise

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Pope speaks up for workers’ rights

3 May 2005

The new pope said workers' rights should be protected in his first Sunday speech in Rome.

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Cruise control

2 Apr 2005

In the first in a series of articles on problems suitable for treatment by the branch of the European Court for Occupational Health Rights, we explain why those working in OH must always heed the call of duty - even while on holiday

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Background checks: protecting the innocent

3 Feb 2005

Last month’s jailing of unqualified gynaecologist Dr Henry Akpata and the forced resignation of NHS Trust chief executive Neil Taylor...

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TUC demands workplace policies on HIV and AIDS

29 Nov 2004

The TUC is today demanding action from employers to introduce clear and effective HIV and AIDS policies in the workplace...

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The 12 myths of Christmas

23 Nov 2004

As Christmas approaches, be wary of the expectations employees may have of your obligations towards them. Andrew Yule, in the litigation team at Withers LLP, explodes 12 Festive Office Myths

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NHS gets equality and human rights director

14 Oct 2004

The first ever equality and human rights director for the NHS has been appointed to spearhead the NHS diversity agenda....

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