Car-sharing drive cuts the cost of commuting

12 Jul 2005

More than 1,000 employees in Surrey have signed up to an innovative car-sharing scheme being run by the council.Staff in...

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Millions of working hours lost to commuting

8 Jun 2004

are losing billions of pounds as staff miss more hours of work struggling to
get to the office, according...

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Staff would pay extra for housing to cut commuting

2 Jun 2004

people would pay more for a house if it would reduce the time it takes them to
get to...

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Glasgow NHS to promote healthier commuting for staff

14 Jul 2003

NHS in greater Glasgow has unveiled radical plans to cut traffic congestion in
the city by promoting healthier travel...

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Capital keeps smiling despite commuting nightmare

25 Apr 2002

staff are among the happiest in Europe according to a poll of 800 employees
from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan,...

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Staff unsettled by daily grind of long-distance commuting

20 Mar 2001

with long journeys to work are more likely to look for new jobs, according to
research by the Recruitment...

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