Work experience

Winners of National Work Experience Awards announced

24 Mar 2010

TUI Travel PLC, the BBC and learnpurple are some of the best places to find an internship as the National Council...

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Unpaid work experience interns exploited, warns TUC

15 Mar 2010

Employers are exploiting thousands of young interns by getting them to work for free, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has...

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Work experience student conducted £110,000-worth of insider trading

11 Dec 2009

A work experience student has been found guilty of conducting £110,000-worth of insider trading at an investment bank which offered...

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Deadline extended for National Work Experience Awards – Friday 8 January 2010

7 Dec 2009

To allow for the pre-Christmas rush, the entry deadline for the National Council for Work Experience (NCWE) 2009/10 Awards has been...

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National Work Experience Awards calls for entries

12 Nov 2009

As the recession drives more businesses to offer internships, the National Council for Work Experience (NCWE) is calling for companies to...

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Heinz and Marks & Spencer among employers to get award for work experience programmes

14 Jan 2008

Household brand names are among the latest employers awarded a quality seal of approval for providing the best work experience...

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Friday Podcast: McDonald’s work experience to lead to GCSE equivalent; protecting the rights of vegans and atheists

23 Nov 2007

HR news and views including: McDonalds’ decision to offer work experience leading to a GCSE equivalent qualification A new EHRC...

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The real Deal: Paul Deal’s award-winning work experience scheme at the BBC

26 Jun 2007

Paul Deal made headlines at the BBC with his award-winning work experience scheme. Natalie Cooper gets the scoop.

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Students choose work experience over pay in bid to secure top jobs

18 May 2007

Eight in 10 students believe work experience will help to build a career, with half certain that it will help...

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Work experience barriers: Hang HR heads in shame over double standards

10 Apr 2007

I give my support to the ‘Experience badge blocks HR career development’ article (Personnel Today, 6 March).
Previously I worked within manufacturing,...

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Health minister Andy Burnham’s NHS work experience results in staff engagement strategy

2 Feb 2007

Plans to better engage NHS staff and empower them to lead reform of the health service have been outlined by...

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Nine out of 10 recruiters look for work experience in an applicant

20 Dec 2006

Nine in 10 (89%) recruiters said they considered relevant work experience an important part of a CV and 13% said they...

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How to avoid the Catch-22 of work experience

25 Aug 2006

Top tips on getting round the problem of not being able to get a job without experience, or the experience without a job

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Work experience placements don’t always work out

22 Aug 2006

Employers may see work experience primarily as a chance to build links with potential new recruits, but just half (51%) of those that recruit graduates say their programme encourages more applicants in practice

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Few employers happy with work experience

22 Aug 2006

Despite their wide-ranging ambitions, few employers are very satisfied with what they achieve from the work placements they provide, the IRS study shows

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