Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell

About Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell is senior director of HCM strategy at Oracle UK.

HR tech: are we entering the era of the workplace ‘co-bot’?

11 Jun 2018

As the workplace rapidly evolves, HR faces the challenge of boosting productivity through technologies such as artificial intelligence while also...

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Technology drives employee wellbeing and engagement at Oracle

4 Aug 2016

IT company Oracle’s approach to employee wellbeing and engagement uses technology to create a unique working environment, says Andy Campbell,...

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How the “gig economy” offers flexibility for employers and employees

31 Mar 2016

We used to differentiate between working on projects and “business as usual”, but today these have merged into one, says...

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Recruitment technology: can the human in HR ever be replaced?

15 Jan 2016

A survey conducted late last year claimed that computer algorithms were more effective at hiring than humans. But can technology...

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Why better management could unlock the productivity puzzle

8 Jul 2015

UK productivity is still lagging behind that of other countries, and bad people management is often to blame. How can...

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