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Brian Kropp

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Brian Kropp is chief of HR research at Gartner

What should we do about digital fatigue?

15 Feb 2021

Digital fatigue is becoming a significant factor in many people's lives, and it's not as if another app can solve it. More time must be spent away from screens, writes Gartner's Brian Kropp.

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An HR shift for 2021: improving employee life experience

15 Jan 2021

Businesses are having to play a deeper role in the personal lives of staff – and they are having a positive impact, writes Brian Kropp.

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Returning to work safely: your brand is at stake

28 May 2020

'We are seeing leaders rushing to get employees back into the office based on misguided notions that remote workers are less productive, less engaged and less cooperative.'

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Post-lockdown: reintroducing employees to the workplace

4 May 2020

Gartner's Brian Kropp addresses key questions about the post-lockdown workplace environment - what will be the 'new normal'?

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Flexible working

The lasting effects of coronavirus on HR and business

9 Apr 2020

The Covid-19 crisis will change how we work in future. Gartner’s Brian Kropp looks at the impact of the pandemic...

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Brexit chaos

Expecting staff loyalty during Brexit? Think again

7 Mar 2019

Employee engagement, behaviour, productivity could all suffer as UK businesses endure a disruptive, divisive Brexit process, argues Gartner's Brian Kropp. And it will become more difficult to retain highly valued workers, he says.

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