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HR in Practice: DHL is delivering a message that sticks

10 Nov 2008

How DHL has successfully outsourced the way it delivers strategic messages to senior managers.
The business
DHL is one of...

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Maternity leave coaching scheme: Keeping mum

4 Jun 2008

A coaching scheme for pregnant workers helped law firm Clifford Chance improve its maternity practices and hang on to some of its most talented staff. Lucy Freeman reports.

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Workplace relationships: We are family

23 Apr 2008

Teams at work naturally form into ‘family groups’, complete with parents and naughty children. But how should HR manage them? Lucy Freeman investigates.

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HR in practice: Off-the-shelf learning

9 Apr 2008

Irish supermarket chain Superquinn chose e-learning to deliver a fast and consistent training package to staff on the shop floor. Lucy Freeman reports.

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Spotlight on: taking proper breaks

27 Nov 2007

With Legal and General’s Health Uncovered research showing that 23% of full-time British workers never take a break from work,...

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E-signatures and the law

3 Sep 2007

E-signatures sound like a potential headache relief for HR professionals, removing tiresome signature-chasing and form-filling. But where exactly do you...

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Spotlight on: working with a sibling

20 Aug 2007

Bossy older sisters, warring brothers – could you cope with working with your sibling? And how would your manager cope?...

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