Mental health conditions

How top European employers are targeting depression at work

26 Sep 2014

An alliance of European employers is calling on HR and occupational health (OH) professionals to push mental health, and depression...

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“NHS should put stressed workers on the fast track”

9 Sep 2014

The NHS should look into the feasibility of offering employees suffering from stress and mental illhealth fast-track support to help ...

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Supporting staff with money troubles could improve wellbeing

19 Aug 2014

Despite optimism over the economy, many households are still feeling the squeeze over wages. But helping staff to manage stress...

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How to manage stress caused by dyslexia in the workplace

1 Aug 2014

Dyslexic employees face particular challenges and often experience work-related
stress. Nancy Doyle, a psychologist looks at effective workplace adjustments to...

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Supporting people with dementia in the workplace

16 Jul 2014

Dementia is a national challenge and businesses are not immune. With an ageing population, not only will the average customer...

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man stressed at work

Why employers must tackle stress at work

5 Jun 2014

Organisations can use health benefits as a means to drive down absenteeism related to workplace stress and retain talented staff,...

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Two office workers looking at a laptop

Managing a successful return to work following mental ill health

2 Jun 2014

Occupational psychologist Susannah Robertson-Hart looks at the best way to support an employee returning to work following a period of...

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Image of fragmenting model of a human head

Closing the gap on mental health at work

30 May 2014

The Government is challenging employers to increase their efforts to get people with common mental health problems back to work....

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Rise in Afghanistan veterans seeking mental health support

20 May 2014

Figures from the veterans’ health charity Combat Stress suggest there has been a “substantial” increase in the number of Afghanistan...

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Sitting uncomfortably at work is linked to mental health issues

15 May 2014

Poorly equipped desks are not only linked to musculoskeletal disorders but also correlate with mental health problems, according to research...

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gearwheels - OTs and OH working together

How occupational therapists can work with OH advisers

3 May 2014

Occupational therapists (OTs) and occupational health professionals are frequently mistaken for each other. OTs Jain Holmes and Anne Byrne aim...

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HSE stress standards remain a valid tool, study says

1 May 2014

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) management standards indicator tool that is used to assess work-related stress remains valid and...

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Stigma deters employees from disclosing mental health problems

29 Apr 2014

Employees with mental health problems begin from a default position of not disclosing to their employer that they have a...

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Many mental health return to work interventions ineffective

28 Apr 2014

Common mental health problems are a major contributor to long-term sickness absence from work and the evidence is weak for...

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Brain puzzle

WorkGuru: an online solution to employee resilience

7 Apr 2014

WorkGuru is an online service aimed at building workplace resilience. Founder Stephany Carolan describes how it works and how her...

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