Who will be eligible for shared parental leave? Your questions answered

The rules on who will be eligible to take shared parental leave are complex, as are the rules on the...


Shared parental leave: the basics

13 Aug 2014

Shared parental leave comes in early next year, introducing some significant changes to the existing regime of family-friendly leave. The...

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Enhanced shared parental pay could drive up the number of fathers taking leave. REX/Burger/Phanie

Most employers that offer enhanced maternity pay will also offer enhanced shared parental pay

6 Aug 2014

Most organisations that offer their staff...

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Shared Parental Leave webinar

Shared parental leave webinar: Preparing your organisation for the new right

15 Jul 2014

Available on demand. Audrey Williams and Camilla Palmer join Rob Moss to discuss how the shared parental leave rules will work.

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HR supports shared parental leave

HR backs shared parental leave plans

14 Jul 2014

HR professionals support the new right to shared parental leave due to come into force in 2015, but have concerns about how it will work in practice, according to new research.

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XpertHR's Liveflo provides interactive flowcharts, setting out the steps to follow

Top 10 HR processes where employers seek help

30 Jun 2014

When called on to implement HR processes that come up on a regular basis, some HR professionals might feel they know what to do off by heart; however, other, less familiar processes might cause a bit more head scratching...

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Flexible working: seven ways for HR to make the business case

15 May 2014

The Children and Families Act will extend the right to request flexible working to all employees and introduce a right...

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Employers need to consider offering enhanced pay to men if they already offer it to women

Shared parental leave may trigger discrimination claims from men

13 May 2014

Employers who offer enhanced maternity pay may face discrimination claims if they do not extend the benefit to men when...

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Shared parental leave

Shared parental leave: an eight-step guide for employers

13 May 2014

Shared parental leave will give working parents more choice in how they care for their child in the first year...

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"Employers should be alive to the risk" - Tom Kerr Williams, partner, DLA Piper

Will shared parental leave oblige firms to offer enhanced paternity pay?

13 May 2014

A new system of statutory parental rights will be introduced next year, which will inevitably place additional administrative burdens on...

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Employees who will be eligible for shared parental leave will have their 12-week scans in September

Shared parental leave timeline: key dates for HR

13 May 2014

The introduction of shared parental leave might feel like something for 2015, but the impact it will have on employers...

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Recruitment and dismissal in Europe: what employers need to know

8 May 2014

Recruitment and dismissal can be problematic for businesses, particularly when employers are unaware of the legal consequences of their actions....

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Maternity and Paternity Pay 2014

How much do you pay during maternity and paternity leave?

10 Apr 2014

XpertHR is carrying out a survey of occupational maternity and paternity pay rates offered by UK employers and we would...

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April 2014 legal changes for employers

April 2014 employment law changes – a six-point checklist

24 Mar 2014

Every spring, along with warmer weather and lighter evenings, comes the latest instalment of legislative change for employers and 2014...

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The Children and Families Act has received Royal Assent.

Children and Families Bill receives Royal Assent

14 Mar 2014

Legislation that will bring into force various changes to maternity, paternity and adoption rights has completed its route through Parliament....

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