Pregnant employees’ partners are entitled to take two weeks’ ordinary paternity leave provided that they have the required continuous service.

Shared parental leave enables mothers to commit to ending their maternity leave and pay at a future date, and to share the untaken balance of leave and pay as shared parental leave and pay with their partner.

Singapore employment law: what changes are coming in 2017?

5 Dec 2016

To attract overseas business investment, Singapore has concluded an international network of trade agreements. Changes to Singapore employment law in...

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Statutory maternity pay and sick pay: 2017/18 rates announced

28 Nov 2016

The Government has published the statutory rates for maternity pay, paternity pay, shared parental pay, adoption pay and sick pay...

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Women earn £8,500 less than men by their 50s

14 Oct 2016

Women earn less than men throughout their working lives and the gap is widest in their 50s when they earn...

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Shared parental pay: Father wins sex discrimination case against Network Rail

6 Oct 2016

Employers who pay mothers different rates of shared parental pay to fathers run the risk of sex discrimination claims, following...

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Maternity, paternity and shared (grand)parental leave webinar

2 Sep 2016

ON DEMAND |What do employers need to consider when an employee or an employee's partner has a baby? Parental rights in recent years have been broadened to include the mother’s ...

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Statutory maternity pay and sick pay frozen for 2016/17

27 Nov 2015

Statutory maternity pay and statutory sick pay rates will not rise in 2016. The Government has proposed no annual increase...

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Shared grandparental leave could stop fathers playing a greater role in parenting. Voisin/Phanie/REX Shutterstock

Shared grandparental leave risks dads missing out – Jo Swinson

6 Oct 2015

George Osborne’s announcement that working grandparents will be eligible to shared parental leave entitlement looks like a progressive move, but...

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Fathers in Sweden to get three months’ paid paternity leave

1 Jun 2015

Sweden is planning to offer new fathers a third month of paid paternity leave, its Government has announced.
The country...

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Parents previously ineligible for ordinary parental leave, with children over five, have become eligible again

Ordinary parental leave from April 2015: what employers need to know

13 Apr 2015

With all the focus on shared parental leave, employers may have missed changes to entitlement to “ordinary” parental leave that...

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HR professionals welcome shared parental leave but criticise complexity

HR professionals criticise complexity of shared parental leave

7 Apr 2015

The HR profession supports shared parental leave in principle, but it is concerned that the new right is complex to...

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Shared parental leave fathers

Shared parental leave: how to help fathers feel comfortable taking time off

30 Mar 2015

Soon we will see the first parents eligible for shared parental leave take advantage of the new right. Policy aside,...

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Shared parental leave is "no more complex" than maternity leave laws – Jo Swinson, minister for employment relations

Jo Swinson: shared parental leave “no more complex” than maternity leave

27 Mar 2015

Shared parental leave, perhaps the most significant piece of employment law to be passed by the coalition Government, is upon...

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Two-thirds of fathers open to taking shared parental leave

17 Mar 2015

Nearly two-thirds of fathers would consider discussing shared parental leave with their employer if they had children in the future,...

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Spring brings with it the usual array of employment law changes

April 2015 employment law changes: an eight-point checklist

11 Mar 2015

However changeable employment law may be, one thing you can rely on is that many of those employment law changes...

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Ed Miliband plans to improve paternity leave and pay for new fathers. Photo: Ben Cawthra/REX

Labour would double paternity leave and pay

9 Feb 2015

A future Labour government would double statutory paternity leave and pay, under election plans announced today.
New fathers would have...

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