Works councils

A works council is a group of employees who band together to represent employees' interests in discussions between employers and their workforce.

The European Works Council (EWC) is a body established to inform and consult employees in at European Union level undertaking or group of undertakings.

The impact of the likely expansion of European works councils

12 Sep 2008

Employees could get more rights if European Works Councils become more widespread.

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European Works Councils restructuring to boost unions’ power

3 Jul 2008

Trade union power in Europe could be boosted by the European Commission’s plans for European Works Councils.The commission has unveiled...

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Works Council Directive revision talks fail to get under way

15 Apr 2008

Talks aimed at securing a revision of the Works Council Directive have collapsed before they even had a chance to...

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Employer unrest as Euro unions back rewrite of Works Council Directive

3 Apr 2008

Concerns were raised this morning after the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) announced its intention to secure a rapid rewriting...

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Works councils: Serious business

17 Mar 2008

Q What are works councils and how do they apply to me?A The term “works council” applies to any body...

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Consultation between employers and workers’ representatives

16 May 2007

The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 provide a formal framework for consultation between employers and workers' representatives

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National works councils: Legal Q&A

3 Oct 2006

Amid all the attention surrounding the new age discrimination legislation, another major legal change, which is particularly significant for small...

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Wal-Mart pays the price for unionisation store closure

19 Dec 2005

Wal-Mart has been ordered to compensate a number of former employees in Canada, after it was ruled that the retail giant closed a store as a reprisal against unionised workers

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Fisher v Hoopoe Finance Limited

21 Jun 2005

Fisher was employed as a 'new business' manager by Hoopoe, and when it ceased trading, he and his colleagues faced redundancy.

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Union modernisation fund operating guidelines published

26 May 2005

Operations guidelines for the government's union modernisation fund have been published.

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Why the works council works

24 May 2005

James Elwes looks at whether the benefits of setting up your own European works council outweigh the hassle

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Union takes a leaf out of T-Mobile’s book

15 Mar 2005

Follwing reports that head-offfice 'spies' are checking up on T-Mobile's store staff the communication workers union said it would send secret observers into stores to monitor the situation

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Will your consultation arrangements comply

22 Feb 2005

With the Information and Consultation Regulations looming, organisations are re-assessing their arrangements for works councils and staff consultation. Liz Hall asks three companies how they are preparing

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CBI tells businesses to re-check staff consultation systems

24 Nov 2004

Businesses should analyse their employee consultation systems, even if they believe they are compliant with forthcoming legislation, according to the...

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Retail therapy

1 Jun 2004

UK companies will soon have to set up works councils and consult employees before organisational changes are made – a...

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