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Can mutuals become mainstream in the public sector?

17 Nov 2011

The drive to outsource public services to worker cooperatives is gathering pace. How far will it extend and what are...

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Employer-supported volunteering and the ‘Big Society’

4 Oct 2010

Could the Conservatives’ ambition to create the “Big Society” boost employer-supported volunteering? Guy Sheppard explores the potential for linking the...

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Conservative election victory: Tory plans for the workplace

25 Mar 2010

The Conservatives have promised to cut red tape to make life easier for businesses if they win the next general election. But will the proposals cause an employment law headache? Guy Sheppard reports.

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Labour election victory: the implications for employers

11 Mar 2010

What impact will the next government’s policies have on employers? Labour’s intentions come under the spotlight this week, in the...

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Paid leave for carers: could it really work?

15 Dec 2009

Pressure is building to give workers paid leave to care for sick and infirm relatives but how long should it last and who should foot the bill? Guy Sheppard and Louisa Peacock report.

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The Walker Review: what it means for HR

1 Dec 2009

An overhaul in the way banks and big financial institutions are governed will have repercussions for other sectors and should...

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Recruitment consultants: Top tips for HR

3 Nov 2009

Guy Sheppard finds out how HR professionals and recruitment consultants can get the best from each other.

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Talent management in the recovery

16 Oct 2009

The recession appears to have undermined the importance of talent management. How will it be viewed once the economy revives? Guy Sheppard reports.

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Global HR: Middle East and India

9 Oct 2009

Changing attitudes and economic growth are opening up opportunities to develop the HR profession in the Middle East and India. Guy Sheppard reports.

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European elections: Continental drift

4 May 2009

When Europe goes to the polls in early June to vote in a new Parliament, national governments will be keeping...

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Acas code of practice on disciplinary and grievance: What the changes mean for HR

10 Mar 2009

Acas’s new workplace problem-solving process, a less prescriptive approach to dealing with grievance and disciplinary cases, comes into force on...

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Sales training – how to do it in a recession

5 Mar 2009

Selling in a recession is unchartered territory for many sales teams following well over a decade of sustained economic growth.

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Government training support – untangling access

17 Feb 2009

Huge government resources are dedicated to training, but the schemes on offer often baffle those trying to access them. Guy Sheppard finds out how HR can best unravel the mess.

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Training long-term jobless: You can make them whole again

9 Feb 2009

The government plans to offer ‘golden hellos’ worth up to £2,500 to employers recruiting the long-term unemployed. How should this...

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In-house coaching: how to run it

14 Jan 2009

Developing staff as coaches has clear advantages over buying in expertise from outside - but it doesn't suit everyone.

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