Morality clauses

A morality clause is a term within a contract of employment that prevents the employee from behaviour that could bring the employer into disrepute, or is contrary to the ethos of the employer.

The morality clause typically allows for the employer to take disciplinary action, up to and including the termination of employment, against the employee if the clause is breached. Morality clauses are sometimes seen in high-profile positions, such as in the entertainment industry, or in religious institutions.

BNP policeman sacked over membership

Merseyside Police has sacked a police officer whose name appeared on the BNP membership list.PC Steve Bettley has been suspended...

Shariah Law: a matter of belief

17 Sep 2008

With increasing numbers of Muslims employed in the UK is it time for employers to pay more than lip service...

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Tullett Prebon Group recovers no-show clause money

2 Sep 2008

Tullett Prebon Group Limited v Ghaleb El-HajjaliFactsTullett Prebon Group Limited (“Tullett”), a City investment firm, entered into an employment contract...

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Explosion in fraud leads to call for culture change to support whistleblowers

22 Oct 2007

Human resources (HR) experts have warned that companies must develop an anti-fraud culture in the workplace so that whistleblowers feel safe...

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InterContinental Hotels Group resignation over falsified qualifications prompts call to check CVs

15 Jun 2007

Employers have been warned to scrutinise CVs thoroughly when recruiting senior management following the resignation of a leading hotel executive...

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IT workers admit to looking up confidential and private information

30 May 2007

One in three IT workers abuse their access to company systems by looking at confidential information, including private files, wage...

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Why managers don’t act against staff who view child porn

13 May 2005

Managers are unlinkely to report staff caught looking at child porn at work for fear of getting embroiled in a lengthy legal case

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Fishing for compliments on office romances

15 Mar 2005

I had an inkling of what Lord H might want to discuss when I glimpsed the newspaper headline on his desk 'Bonking Boeing boss booted'.

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Workplace romances are commonplace, but risky

4 Feb 2005

Most employees have had romantic relationships with work colleages and six out of 10 met their partners at work

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What to do when business becomes a family affair

31 Jan 2005

Office romances and employing several members of one family can present all sorts of HR problems, but none that are insurmountable

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