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Employer initiatives: Why the gimmicks don’t work

1 Apr 2005

With British Airways and Tesco among those using innovative ways to tackle workplace sickness absence, Liz Hall looks at why they may just be short-term fixes

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Aim for the right mix

22 Mar 2005

With the Civil Service trying to recruit a workforce that more accurately reflects those it serves, the Cabinet Office in particular is developing a host of new diversity initiatives. Liz Hall reports

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Make the first move

15 Mar 2005

The new EU member states could provide a new pool of talent for UK employers. But, as Liz Hall reports, the often highly qualified jobseekers are waiting for employers to...

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Background checks: protecting the innocent

3 Feb 2005

Last month’s jailing of unqualified gynaecologist Dr Henry Akpata and the forced resignation of NHS Trust chief executive Neil Taylor...

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Following a different beat

25 Jan 2005

Liz Hall looks at how one HR manager is using bhangra music and Punjabi culture to teach employees about diversity

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Where to draw the line

1 Jun 2004

Employers must strike a balance between keeping an eye on poor performance and protecting the employees' rightto privacy if monitoring policies are to work. Liz Hall reports

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Retail therapy

1 Jun 2004

UK companies will soon have to set up works councils and consult employees before organisational changes are made – a...

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Looks good on paper?

30 Mar 2004

As prospective employees become more deceitful in their CVs and job applications, HR must become more rigorous in checking the facts.

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The art of inspiration

1 Jan 2004

Employers are turning to the arts to cultivate creativity in their managers.

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