Distance learning

Mobile learning – is anyone using it?

19 Jun 2007

Mobile learning is loved by its devotees. The question is though – is anyone using it for serious learning?One of...

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Skill-Pill Mobile Learning aims to deliver bite-sized training through mobile devices

4 Jun 2007

You’d better watch out – there’s a skill pill about.At least that’s what Skill-Pill Mobile Learning (SPML) director Gerry Griffin...

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‘Train to Gain’ scheme attracts attention of 15,000 employers in just five months

15 Dec 2006

More than 15,000 employers are now using ‘Train to Gain‘, the new service offering advice on training for businesses, according...

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Inspectors rate Marine Society College best for training

10 Aug 2005

The Marine Society College has been graded the best training institution in the UK by the Adult Learning Inspectorate.

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Charlton reviews: It’s Personal

1 May 2005

Writer and trainer John Charlton finds an appetising offering on customer service from chef Rick Stein

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Technical skills shortage for small firms

5 Apr 2005

Small businesses still cannot find employees with the technical skills they need, despite numerous skills initiatives from the government, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has warned.

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Infection control training for all frontline NHS staff

4 Nov 2004

More than a million NHS staff will receive infection control training to help in the fight against the MRSA super...

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On the road to success

1 Jun 2004

Worldwide manufacturer of brake and drive systems Continental Group has brought its global operations together with training

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Export strength learning

1 Jun 2004

A massive project to compile a global learning programme for chartered accountants offers insights into worldwide learning styles

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