Low-skilled roles rebranded as apprenticeships to receive levy funding

13 Apr 2018

Employers stand accused of rebranding existing low-skilled roles as apprenticeships in order to make use of funding available through the...

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Five ways blockchain could change the face of HR

19 Mar 2018

If you haven’t heard of blockchain, perhaps you’ve heard of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that uses its technology? Sam Fletcher of...

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Thousands could be using fake degrees to apply for jobs

17 Jan 2018

Thousands of workers and jobseekers could potentially be misleading employers about their qualifications after buying fake degree certificates online.

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Employers rebrand training as apprenticeships to access levy fund

11 Jan 2018

Almost half (46%) of employers plan to repackage their existing training schemes as new apprenticeships in order to access their...

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GCSE grades are changing: a 9-to-1 guide for employers

21 Apr 2017

[youtube width=”635″ height=”357″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW-3yH2b8Fs[/youtube]
For the past three decades, employers have advertised roles requiring candidates to have a certain number of...

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School leavers: an untapped professional resource?

20 Jul 2016

PROMOTED | Following the new Prime Minister’s reshuffle, it was announced that new Education Secretary, Justine Greening...

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Employing young people: time off for education and training

29 Jun 2015

Employers need to be aware that the law on time off for education and training for young people in England...

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Meeting professional standards in nursing and midwifery

1 Dec 2012

Revalidation of learning and practice will be an essential part of re-registration for nurses and midwives by 2014. Graham Johnson, clinical lead...

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Employers failing to utilise managers’ qualifications, CMI warns

5 Jul 2012

The standard of management in the UK is being held back by employers that fail to take full advantage of...

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Management skills training provided to school pupils

15 Sep 2011

Students from secondary schools and colleges are being provided with management training in order to address the lack of basic...

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Nearly half of workers unhappy with career progression

16 Aug 2011

Nearly half of workers feel that they have been unable to progress in their careers, with many pointing to a...

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Vocational courses ‘leading young people into dead ends’

3 Mar 2011

Too many vocational courses are of little value and are targeted at league tables rather than preparing young people for the...

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Realising the benefits of e-learning

2 Mar 2011

This free guide is part of Smart Buyer, a free service from Personnel Today E-LEARNING Contents Overview Reasons to implement...

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Institute of Sales and Marketing Management launches new qualifications

10 Feb 2011

The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) has launched new qualifications as part of a long-term national framework initiative...

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Universal qualification plan unveiled

1 Jan 2011

New plans to develop a universal qualification and training framework for health and safety professionals across Europe have been unveiled.The...

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