Fixed-term contracts

A fixed-term employee is someone employed on a contract for a defined period. The period may be defined by time (for example, a period of months or years), by reference to the completion of a task, or by reference to a specific event.

Employers opt for temporary hires in uncertain economic climate

9 Apr 2008

Demand for permanent staff is slowing as employers continue to favour a flexible workforce, research has shown.The monthly Report on...

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British Retail Consortium defends use of ‘zero-hour’ contracts

29 May 2007

Employers’ bodies have slammed trade union plans to lobby government for a ban on the use of ‘zero-hour’ contracts.

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Legal Q&A… Fixed-term contracts

27 Jun 2006

Someone employed on successive fixed-term contracts will now be entitled to permanent employment.

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Government pays consultants £2,000 a day

22 Aug 2005

The government is paying IT and management consultants more than £2,000 a day, according to a Mail on Sunday story.

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Race is on to meet Olympic challenge

9 Aug 2005

Kirstie Redford looks at what HR needs to do to make sure London is ready for the 2012 Olympic Games

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Ruling could revive use of fixed-term contracts

8 Mar 2005

Although some pitfalls remain, fixed-term contracts could be back in favour

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Jones v Friends Provident Life Office

1 Mar 2005

Status of contract workers

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Public sector faces increasing IT skills shortage

3 Feb 2005

As more contractors move into financial services, public sector employers will find it increasingly difficult to maintain their 20 per cent reliance on fixed term IT staff

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Use of short term contracts restricts business growth

21 Jan 2005

Companies' insistance on using short-term contractors is producing bonsai businesses that are unable to grow properly

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IT contractor boom as firms struggle to fill vacancies

19 Oct 2004

Demand for IT contractors has increased dramatically over the past year as organisations step up their investment in IT development....

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Ansell Computer Services Ltd v Richardson (HMIT), Special Commissioners, 29 July 2004

19 Oct 2004

Where does NI liability fall? Ansell, a software engineer, worked for clients on special defence projects under contracts that provided...

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Your booking

1 Apr 2004

If you use employment agencies or employment businesses to recruit new staff or temporary employees your relationships with such companies will undergo significant legal changes from 6 April.

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