Unconscious bias

Bias behind failure to select women for FTSE boards revealed

Flawed selection procedures and entrenched bias are combining to minimise the numbers of women on FTSE company boards...

Black jobs matter: does the law curb positive action?

29 Jun 2020

Employers looking to take strong action to boost diversity must be very mindful of the Equality Act 2010.

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How to hire staff more fairly and recognise diversity

29 Jun 2020

Recognising our biases and presumptions is only the start of achieving the fairer, more inclusive, recruitment processes our businesses need...

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Racism in the workplace: new survey shows only slow progress

18 Jun 2020

Black workers reveal experiences of racism in careers while an in-depth study of census figures underlines how ethnic inequalities persist.

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Leaders must avoid cliches if black careers matter

16 Jun 2020

UK business leaders need to focus on action not messages if they truly want to effect change and improve fairness for black employees, warns Professor Binna Kandola.

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Boris Johnson promises commission on race inequality

15 Jun 2020

The prime minister's promise of a commission ignores measures awaiting to be implemented, says Labour, such as those in the McGregor workplace inequality report.

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Why diversity and inclusion is critical to business recovery

11 Jun 2020

Diversity and inclusion could form a cornerstone of businesses' recovery after the coronavirus pandemic, the CIPD's Festival of Work heard.

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Time for action on ethnic diversity in the workplace

11 Jun 2020

Given recent world events there's never been a better time for companies to make a commitment to eradicating bias, inequality and discrimination, argue Bina Patel and Ozlem Mehmet.

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Pandemic is a business transformation opportunity for HR

8 Jun 2020

Covid-19 is a tragedy that HR can use to help transform business, global business forum hears.

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12 Feb 2020

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Let’s tackle racism in the workplace at source

16 Dec 2019

Explicit racism is now significantly less common than it was once, but it's far from a thing of the past having evolved to survive in more subtle forms.

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Recruitment algorithms are ‘infected with biases’, AI expert warns

13 Dec 2019

The use of algorithms in “life-changing” decisions, such as recruitment, should be stopped immediately.

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Judge begins race claim against Ministry of Justice

11 Dec 2019

A district judge has taken the Ministry of Justice and two senior judges to the employment tribunal for after he...

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Labour vows to bring in ethnicity pay gap reporting

26 Nov 2019

A Labour government would introduce ethnicity pay gap reporting and consider the introduction of “blind CVs” to help tackle discrimination....

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London tech companies failing to hire from diverse talent pool

22 Nov 2019

Recruiters for tech companies in London have been accused of hiring from a narrow pool of white workers.

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