Unconscious bias

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Want to help working mothers? Focus on paternity

What stereotypes need to be broken down before working mothers can achieve a level playing field?

Hospitality and tourism must challenge ‘patriarchal’ culture

14 Oct 2020

The hospitality and tourism sectors need to challenge their ‘patriarchal’ culture and foster open discussion on gender-related issues if they...

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‘White privilege’: using HR’s influence to tackle racism and bias

12 Oct 2020

For white HR professionals to become true anti-racist allies, they need to get better at sitting with discomfort when examining...

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Black barrister misidentified many times in one day at court

24 Sep 2020

A black barrister was yesterday (23 September) stopped and mistaken for a defendant several times in one day at her court workplace.

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How racism, wellbeing and performance are connected

22 Sep 2020

There's a complex series of links between performance, wellbeing, racism and ethnicity that needs to be understood if businesses' diversity agenda is to move forward with success.

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AI and algorithms: Why the human touch is important

3 Sep 2020

The A-level results drama last month has placed a lot of attention on how algorithms are used in decision-making. As...

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BP fuels diversity and inclusion drive

27 Aug 2020

BP aims to report its ethnicity pay gap by 2022 as it looks to be guided by 'meritocracy, inclusivity and fairness'.

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Network of ‘allies’ needed to address racial prejudice at work

24 Aug 2020

Workplaces 'should develop a network of allies who are willing to educate themselves on the issues of anti-racism'.

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Why we are not identifying the right leaders

21 Aug 2020

Talent risks being wasted through poor decision-making that is based on uninformed, inconsistent and biased information, writes Roger Philby.

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Victory for campaigners in face recognition case is ‘cautionary tale’

19 Aug 2020

Organisations must absorb the lessons of verdict in South Wales Police case, when it comes to the use of AI and automation, argues HR director.

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Firms rush to boost diversity but some over-rely on training

4 Aug 2020

Experts report a surge of companies looking to improve D&I – but some see training as a 'silver bullet' while others' motivations are questionable.

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Colour of Power 2020: Diversity at leadership level has stalled

28 Jul 2020

Progress on increasing diversity at leadership levels has stalled over the past three years, finds Sky News study.

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British Vogue editor racially profiled at his workplace

16 Jul 2020

Black editor of prominent fashion publication was asked to enter his office via the loading bay by a security guard.

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Keir Starmer promises to take unconscious bias training

6 Jul 2020

BLM comments prompt the Labour leader to promise to take unconscious bias training.

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Raph Mokades, founder and managing director of Rare

Top law firms commit to robust ethnic equality measures

6 Jul 2020

Seventeen leading law firms, including seven of the top 10 by revenue, have pledged to better promote the careers of BAME lawyers.

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