Unconscious bias

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What did the Race Commission tell employers about bias?

1 Apr 2021

The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities’ report has been condemned for ‘whitewashing’, but what messages did it have for HR and business?

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UK workplaces are not institutionally racist, commission claims

31 Mar 2021

UK organisations are not institutionally racist and diversity has increased in key professions, according to a government-commissioned review.

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Couriers allege facial ID software used by Uber is ‘indirectly racist’

4 Mar 2021

Uber’s facial identification software is not consistently capable of recognising the faces of darker skinned workers, drivers claim.

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Senior roles being advertised with ‘masculine’ language

22 Feb 2021

Research finds senior executive positions are being advertised using less inclusive language than junior roles, which could deter women from applying.

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Most US firms ‘just going through the motions’ on inclusion

22 Feb 2021

Diversity and inclusion policies must be part of business strategy and deeply embedded if they are to be effective, finds Josh Bersin study.

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KPMG chair steps aside after unconscious bias comments

12 Feb 2021

The UK chair of KPMG has stepped aside while the professional services company looks into what he told staff during a virtual meeting.

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No-one can escape gender bias

8 Feb 2021

Leaders might feel as though they’re making progress on gender equality. But there are still innate biases and social dynamics...

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23 Jan 2021

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Unilever to require all suppliers to pay living wage

21 Jan 2021

Unilever has set out wide-ranging plans to improve equality and access to skills in bid to benefit society internationally.

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There’s no going back: how AI is transforming recruitment

20 Jan 2021

Advances in AI that were expected to take years have been accomplished in just a few months, which makes it important for HR professionals to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

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‘Best fit’ hire lands NHS trust with ageism pay-out

14 Jan 2021

A young, mainly female team influenced a hiring decision concerning a 50-year-old man, leading to his successful claim for age and sex discrimination.

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Reducing accent bias begins at the recruitment stage

11 Jan 2021

There is little doubt that employees should bring their whole selves to work, but it would be naïve to think...

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Is this really a good time to scrap unconscious bias training?

23 Dec 2020

With a sharp increase in workplace discrimination cases the government's timing with its negative attitude over bias training is unwelcome, writes Darren Hockley.

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Raph Mokades, founder and managing director of Rare

‘Use data-driven approaches to reduce unconscious bias’

21 Dec 2020

The founder of diversity recruiter Rare has called on the government to replace the current style of unconscious bias training...

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