Specialist workers from France needed to provide skills to boost UK’s nuclear power industry

3 Oct 2007

Foreign workers will be needed to provide the skills to increase the UK’s nuclear power capacity, an expert has conceded.EDF...

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Unions to take whatever action is necessary after International Labour Organization expresses concern about the Jersey government’s Employment Relations Law

29 Jun 2007

Trade unions have pledged to do “whatever we need to do” to ensure employment law in Jersey, Channel Isles, is...

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Trade unions welcome labour rights deal with France Telecom

16 Jan 2007

Trade unions across the world have warmly welcomed the signing of a new labour rights deal with communications giant France...

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Minority report: the doors are open to minority job applicants in France

3 Oct 2006

Employment opportunities for people from ethnic minority communities in France are slowly improving thanks to many companies implementing outreach hiring...

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Peugeot to lose 8,000 posts in France and Spain as jobs cull extends across Europe

27 Sep 2006

Troubled car manufacturer Peugeot is to shed up to 8,000 jobs in France and Spain alongside the 2,300 it is...

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Country focus: France

23 May 2006

Minimum wageCurrently Euros 1,217.91 (£825) per month. Collective bargaining agreements generally stipulate a minimum wage that is higher than the...

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Employment legislation: Is it really easier to sack a worker in the UK than in France?

2 May 2006 asked legal experts in France and the UK for their views on some of the recent high-profile claims made by trade union Amicus - with surprising results. Greg Pitcher reports.

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Employment legislation: France v UK

2 May 2006

First they invaded us in 1066, and now the French are getting all our jobs. Well, that's how it sometimes seems when you listen to the news at the moment. But are our labour laws really that out of kilter with those across the Channel?

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Strikes hit France and UK

28 Mar 2006

Widespread strike action has hit both sides of the English Channel, as UK local government workers strike over pensions, while...

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UK productivity still lagging behind France and the US

23 Feb 2006

The UK's productivity performance continues to be lower than that of France and the US, official figures reveal.

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French connection – how women in France combine motherhood and work

6 Sep 2005

In France the employment rate for women aged 24 to 49, including those with children, is 80%. Leah Larkin finds out how childcare arrangements work

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T&G claims Jersey staff face worst employment laws in Western world

8 Nov 2004

Jersey workers face the worst employment laws in the Western world, according to the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G).Today...

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France admits that short week just isn’t working

25 May 2004

The 35-hour working week has been a financial disaster in France, according
to the French Government.
It claims the compulsory...

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Luxembourg workers net the biggest slice of pay

23 Feb 2004

from Luxembourg, France and Spain earn the highest net salaries in Europe,
according to a new survey.

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35-hour week has increased the quality of life in France

29 Aug 2001

More than half of the staff that have switched to a 35-hour
week in France believe it has improved their...

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