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Talent Management: How to retain your best people

3 Mar 2005

Where's the talent, asks writer and trainer John Charlton as he watches the latest package on talent management

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Excellence in initial assessment

1 Mar 2005

This issue, trainer and writer John Charlton leafs through a useful new guide to assessing NVQs

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Girl power: are women the worst bullies?

8 Feb 2005

When organisational psychologist Mary Sherry wrote in a national newspaper last month that female managers were far more likely to bully staff than male ones it triggered a large reader response - almost all backing her view.

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Sixty per cent of working women admit to office flings

7 Feb 2005

One in five working women have had sex at work, claims a survey by WorldWIT, a 35,000-member online community.

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As seen on screen

23 Nov 2004

Recruiting via video conferencing technology is likely to increase as UK organisations look overseas for suitable candidates, but employers must address the various issues this process raises

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Charlton reviews…

1 Nov 2004

Tempus fugit for writer and trainer
John Charlton as he reads through the
latest books on time management

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Pre-employment screening

12 Oct 2004

Lies, omissions and inaccuracies on CVs are on the increase, but this is good news for the UK’s pre-employment screening and vetting agencies.

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Fears of an army reservist backlash prove unfounded

18 May 2004

The deployment of army reservists in Iraq requires a balancing act between the employee's right to be reinstated on their return, and the employer's right to protect its business interests. John Charlton reports on the state of play so far

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