Action learning

Health and safety training will help reduce the risks

4 Mar 2008

Like it or not, organisations have a duty to provide health and safety training. But it could involve much more than you...

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Dealing with illiteracy and innumeracy in the workplace

27 Feb 2008

Addressing the training needs of employees with literacy and numeracy difficulties is possibly the tallest order facing learning and development...

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AUDIO – Friday Podcast: health and safety, higher education HR, a tribunal In the Night Garden and Learning at Work Day

18 Jan 2008

News and analysis in the human resources sector including:

alarming news on news EU proposals for health and safety

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Regulatory regime changes

29 Oct 2007

The Financial Services Authority is tightening up its regulatory regime, which means senior HR staff will have a greater role...

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Uneasy sits the head that is wearing the human resources crown

16 Oct 2007

It’s become almost a given that the HR director sits on the board. But this could be about to change...

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Choosing the right teambuilding event for your team

18 Sep 2007

Organising teambuilding days is a training department staple. And when you’re done with assault courses and go-karting, what’s the latest...

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A breath of fresh air

17 Apr 2007

Outdoor training tends to come and go in the training fashion stakes. Right now it's on the up as providers realise punters want more than a wet walk in the woods.

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Navy captives in Iran have been trained to be resilient

30 Mar 2007

The 15 UK Navy officers captured by Iran have the training to handle their ordeal, the Navy’s  HR department has...

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Firewalking firm fined after accountant has to hotfoot it to hospital

3 Feb 2006

£3,000 fine follows hot on the heels of firewalking calamity at motivational event.

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Variety is key to leadership

6 Sep 2005

Management talent will not be stimulated by training alone, says Philippa Davidson, HR director of TV Solutions company, NDS. Here she explains how an integrated programme of activities is helping its managers to become leaders

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Minister announces £60m for learning accounts for NHS staff

20 Jul 2005

NHS staff with no professional qualifications will have access to learning accounts, under new plans announced by health secretary Patricia Hewitt

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Taking skills to the next level

26 Apr 2005

Despite falling behind some of our European competitors on skills, Mark Haysom, chief executive of the Learning and Skills Council, is bullish about the future prospects

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Training news in brief

15 Mar 2005

Short takes on this week's training news

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Military intervention keeps young rail trainees on track

15 Mar 2005

Network Rail is launching one of the biggest technical apprentice schemes in the UK by recruiting 1,000 17- to 19-year-olds over five years, in an initiative that will cost the organisation £30m.

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Heinz serves up basic skills courses for workers

22 Nov 2004

Food company Heinz has opened a learning centre at its Luton factory to improve employees’ basic skills in English, Maths...

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