Training management

Transatlantic trends

1 Nov 2004

The effectiveness and efficiency of different training methods have been thrown into the spotlight by the results of the Transatlantic Blended Learning Survey 2004. Stephanie Sparrow reports on reactions from the UK and the US

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Managers blame HR for lack of learning time

1 Nov 2004

Insufficient time and too much pressure to acquire new skills are the greatest obstacles to learning for today’s manager, according...

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Raising standards

5 Oct 2004

Karen Pay, Brian Croston and Joe Patton report on the manual handling training programme they have introduced at Allied Bakery sites in Cardiff, Reading and West Bromwich

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Employers signal good year ahead for training budgets

7 Sep 2004

Employers are confident of increasing their spending on learning and development over the coming year, according to a survey by...

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Hackney HR leads the way

24 Aug 2004

Hackney Council suffers from a poor public image, yet it has the won Investors in People kitemark. HR assistant chief executive Terry McDougall tells how she and her team did it.

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All aboard

27 Jul 2004

Underlying the changes has been a more open approach to communication between all levels and departments. Whereas information had been...

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Worldwide delivery

1 Jun 2004

TNT Express is winning worldwide recognition for its people development initiatives. HR director Maureen Rooney explains why
here’s a lot...

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Make light work of learning

18 May 2004

Learning at Work Day this Thursday is an opportunity for employers to make skills and training more fun.

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Money well spent

11 May 2004

With an increase in spending on training, it is important for employers to ensure the investment offers a good return.

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Getting personal

4 May 2004

Panasonic is targeting personal development needs rather than offering a training agenda. The business Panasonic is a global supplier of...

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Learning on the frontline

1 May 2004

The objectives of the Army's Educational and Training Services have their parallels in Civvy Street. Brigadier Mark Filler explains his definitions of empowerment, self-sufficiency and learning for life

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The home-grown philosophy

20 Apr 2004

The manager's role is critical in cultivating a learning culture. Stephanie Sparrow takes a look at the part they play as developers in the workplace

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Scots change public sector HR

30 Mar 2004

Change and reform are top priorities for the Society of Personnel Directors Scotland. Andy Moore finds out how its president...

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Implementing the plan

1 Mar 2004

In part two of SHL's masterclass on consultancy we look at planning and negotiating interventions and how to take action and evaluate success

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Proving that training pays

10 Feb 2004

By Mike Berry

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