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Corporate social responsibility: A rewarding trip to Africa

18 May 2009

Spring Group combined staff reward with corporate social responsibility, and found that the real reward came from the chance to...

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Pre-paid cards in the workplace

13 Jun 2006

Pre-paid cards are being marketed as a way to provide incentives and bonuses, to manage expense accounts and even to deliver wages

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Internal relations: How well do HR and payroll really get on?

16 May 2006

Payroll and HR can make uneasy bedfellows at times, and recent research among 450 professionals in these fields reinforces this feeling

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Employer training

11 Apr 2006

In the past nine months the Learning and Skills Council has been dogged by criticism for failing to engage employers and failing to affect levels of employer delivered training

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Dangerous liaisons

14 Feb 2006

How to avoid the pitfalls of office romances

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Pooling its resources

26 Sep 2005

Identifying and nurturing top performers at all levels is helping Sony Europe plan for the future. Simon Kent reports

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Home workers: Policing the home office

3 Jun 2005

What steps can employers take to monitor the output of employees who work from home? Simon Kent investigates

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No nonsense

31 May 2005

The new principal at Henley Management College explains why he intends to build on the organisation's practical, no-nonsense approach to business training. Simon Kent reports

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How Citigroup became an award-winning diversity champion

17 May 2005

The war for talent is intensifying and one of the chief battlegrounds is the drive for greater gender diversity. With...

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The dangers of being over zealous in creating a diverse workforce

19 Apr 2005

There are many well-documented reasons for pushing for diversity in your organisations, but beware being over-zealous in your diversity drives warns Simon Kent

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Trust is not a four-letter word

15 Mar 2005

The technology is now in place to let your highly-valued employees work from Outer Mongolia should they so desire. But UK plc is wary. Simon Kent finds out how organisations can learn to let go and make trust a key element of their strategy

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Voyage of discovery

8 Mar 2005

The NHS is using staff discovery interviews to aid retention and identify workplace improvements. Simon Kent looks at whether this initiative is having the desired effect

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The proactive approach

1 Mar 2005

The Information and Consultation Directive will come into force in little over a month. Simon Kent looks at one company making sure it doesn't get caught out

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1 Mar 2005

Online learning is making its mark, but there are other benefits gained from holding some training away from the office. Simon Kent reports

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Proof at last: flexibility works

25 Jan 2005

A new report on flexible benefits shows that schemes can improve employee commitment and reduce staff turnover

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