Most employers request references on a prospective employee to verify, for example, information about his or her employment history.

While there is generally no legal obligation on an employer to provide a reference on an employee or former employee to a prospective employer, when employers do respond to reference requests, they should aim to treat all requests consistently.

FSA reminds chief executives to closely vet candidates for influential roles

15 Oct 2009

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has written to the chief executives of 5,000 firms to remind them of their responsibilities...

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Cheltenham Borough Council conducts Laird case post mortem

4 Aug 2009

Cheltenham Borough Council has already made “significant” changes to its recruitment practices after it lost a £1m High Court battle...

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Law in Practice – what are employers entitled to know about applicants?

4 Aug 2009

A recent high-profile case showed the pitfalls that can occur when employers dig into a applicant's past. So what can employers ask? Emilie Bennetts and Carolyn Haddon give the answers.

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HR News stories you may have missed: public sector, graduates, strikes, unemployment, Royal Mail, G20 policing

6 Jul 2009

This Personnel Today news round-up includes news about:

Public sector pay freeze likely
Graduate applications outnumber vacancies 50:1
Tube workers strike ban?
Prevent unemployment...

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Use of employment agencies on the wane

17 Jun 2009

The use of recruitment and employment agencies* is falling – a trend that is likely to continue in the current...

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Due diligence in recruitment: candidate referencing more important than ever

19 Feb 2009

Watching television coverage of four discredited senior bankers being accused by members of a Treasury Select Committee of not having...

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Know how to do background checks

21 Nov 2008

The need to check the background of job applicants couldn’t be more evident, yet it is often neglected. It may...

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Vetting staff: keeping them safe

8 Oct 2008

Next year sees the introduction of an authority that will act to safeguard the vulnerable. It could mean more work for public and third sector HR departments, reports David Craik.

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Employers show strong interest in National Staff Dismissal Register to check potential workers’ past career history

16 May 2008

A national blacklist of retail employees sacked for dishonesty is up and running, and could soon be extended to other...

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Dishonest employees to be exposed on national dismissal register

8 May 2008

A country-wide database of ‘workplace offenders’ will be launched later this month to combat the annual loss of half-a-billion pounds...

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Recruitment: Check to identify dishonest applicants

6 May 2008

Many employers are still uncovering discrepancies, inaccuracies and lies in candidates’ job applications, according to Personnel Today’s sister publication Employment...

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NHS staff face tough new employment checks

31 Mar 2008

Tough new employment checks for all NHS staff are to be introduced tomorrow (1 April).The checks have been revamped following...

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Unfair reference lands South Tyneside Council with £36,000 bill

5 Mar 2008

A social worker who lost her job as a result of an unfair reference has accepted £36,000 in compensation from...

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Screening out the bogus staff: undercover journalists can damage your company’s profile

17 Jul 2007

Barclays and G4S are just two recent victims of bad press coverage broken by undercover journalists. So what can HR do? Background screening at the recruitment stage to help spot bogus CVs and references is one way of screening out potential troublemakers.

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Human resources professionals need to balance risk and trust in assessing fraud liability as former Bexley council accountant is jailed for stealing £220,000

10 Jul 2007

The role of HR in managing employee fraud is again under the spotlight following the jailing for two-and-a-half years of...

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