Most employers request references on a prospective employee to verify, for example, information about his or her employment history.

While there is generally no legal obligation on an employer to provide a reference on an employee or former employee to a prospective employer, when employers do respond to reference requests, they should aim to treat all requests consistently.

Jobseekers admit to lies on CVs to get right job

5 Jun 2007

Two-thirds of the British workforce would lie on their applications to get the job, research has found.A survey conducted by...

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Internet background checks

17 Apr 2007

Many employers regularly use networking websites such as MySpace to obtain personal information about prospective staff.Are there legal risks...

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Fraud: how can employers deal with deceitful employees?

30 Jan 2007

Leicester University recently conducted a survey among a representative sample of 2,000 people, asking whether they would commit fraud if they...

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Royal Mail’s staff vetting procedures slammed

13 Feb 2006

Royal Mail's staff vetting procedures have been slammed as the service was handed a record £11.4m fine for failing to adequately prevent mail being lost, damaged or stolen

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‘Confidential’ stamp ruled meaningless

18 Jan 2006

Stamping 'confidential' on a reference offers employers no protection under the Data Protection Act, the Information Commissioner has confirmed

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Dike v Rickman and another

10 Jan 2006

Unfavourable references

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Bogus CVs contain an average of three lies

8 Aug 2005

A quarter of CVs submitted for financial sector jobs contained incorrect or false information, suggesting an intention to deceive

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Child protection checks still a cause for concern

26 Jul 2005

Recruitment procedures and arrangements for checking that employees are suitable to work with children are still inadequate, a government report has claimed

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Reference checks

3 Feb 2005

As employers’ legal liabilities for the actions of staff become more extensive and complex it is important not to take...

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Background checks: protecting the innocent

3 Feb 2005

Last month’s jailing of unqualified gynaecologist Dr Henry Akpata and the forced resignation of NHS Trust chief executive Neil Taylor...

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Case round-up

1 Feb 2005

Zoe Balmforth of Addleshaw Goddard brings you a comprehensive update on the latest decisions that could affect your organisation and provides advice on what to do about them

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Are references really worth the paper they are written on?

19 Oct 2004

Mark Corbett explores the issues for employers

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Agent work

1 Apr 2004

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 have been some time in the making. But after a number of consultations, the update to the 1976 Regulations finally comes into force this month, with a three-month period for implementation.

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Looks good on paper?

30 Mar 2004

As prospective employees become more deceitful in their CVs and job applications, HR must become more rigorous in checking the facts.

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Protecting who?

1 Mar 2004

In the wake of Ian Huntley’s murder convictions for the deaths of two young girls, what are employers’ legal options...

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