Shared parental leave – an employer’s guide

Shared parental leave - an employer's guideShared parental leave and pay is available to parents of babies due on or after 5 April 2015.

It allows women to curtail their maternity leave to enable their partner to take shared parental leave (SPL).

Parents can share 50 weeks’ leave and 37 weeks’ pay, with similar rules for adoptive parents. Here we present in-depth guidance on SPL for employers.

Discontinuous leave

Enhanced pay


Shared parental pay case refused Supreme Court appeal

A highly anticipated case to test whether it is discriminatory for employers to enhance maternity pay while not doing the...

Prepare for surge in shared parental leave requests, law firm urges

Almost two-fifths of employees who plan to have children in the future expect to take shared parental leave – a...

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Only 15 FTSE 250 firms publicise parental leave policies

Only 15 of the organisations in the FTSE 250 are telling job candidates how much paid leave they could expect...

What needs to change before we can close the gender pay gap

Headline-grabbing proposals can only take us so far. Cultural shifts and changes in shared leave, maternity and paternity benefits are needed before we can truly get to grips with the gender pay gap.

Labour promises 12 months of maternity pay

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Standard Life Aberdeen offers nine months’ fully paid leave for all new parents

Standard Life Aberdeen will offer nine months’ fully paid leave from January.

Jersey to offer 52 weeks’ parental leave to all parents

New parents in Jersey will be offered up to 52 weeks’ leave in new legislation that has been described as...

Employment law changes: 10 proposals in the pipeline for HR

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New parents and expectant mothers to receive more redundancy protections

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Paid leave proposed for parents of premature babies

Parents of premature babies could be entitled to one week of paid leave for every week their baby is in hospital.

Social attitudes: One in three say parental leave should be shared

A third of people believe parental leave should be shared equally, according to a major survey, while only 12% think...

Theresa May considers 12 weeks’ paid paternity policy

Theresa May could offer fathers 12 weeks’ paid paternity leave as one of her ’legacy’ policies before she leaves office as Prime Minister.

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