The effect of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic on employment is huge, as employees are urged to self-isolate, people are told to avoid social contact, and businesses close their doors. The Covid-19 coronavirus, Ebola, MERS, SARS, swine flu and bird flu are all examples of infectious diseases that have had a significant impact on business travel or have led to public health policies that employers need to adhere to. This category also covers other infectious diseases that have affect workplace activities in the past as employers move to protect their staff from potential infection or deal with the fallout of large scale epidemics or pandemics.

Swine flu: 10 things HR professionals and employers need to do now

1 May 2009

Swine flu is here in the UK, and no-one is sure how widely it will spread, and how severely it will strike.There were three flu...

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CPD quiz: Immunisation policy

2 Mar 2009

1 What does an immunisation policy need to be based upon? a) Cost b) The qualifications of the OH practitioner...

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Flu pandemic plans and occupational health

9 Feb 2009

Occupational health has a critical role to play in managing an outbreak.

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Pandemic protection advice revised

23 Jun 2008

The Health and Safety Executive has updated its guidance1 on pandemic influenza, including expanded sections on the nature of pandemics,...

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Employees at risk as businesses ignore flu pandemic planning

3 Sep 2007

Most organisations would fail to protect their staff against a flu pandemic because of a lack of forward planning, research...

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How to survive a flu pandemic

6 Feb 2007

How can you prepare for a flu pandemic? Seán Lavin explains what to consider and practical steps you can take if bird flu ever becomes transmissible between humans.

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Staff still ignored in crisis planning for disasters: business continuity plans ignore impact of losing staff

16 May 2006

Three out of four companies are unprepared for the impact that losing staff will have if disaster strikes.

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Multinationals plan ahead to reduce impact of possible outbreak if avian flu affects humans

22 Mar 2006

The world's biggest companies are taking steps to limit the impact on business if avian flu begins to affect humans.

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Bird flu: Planning for the flu pandemic

11 Mar 2006

Preparation for the pandemic that is likely to result when bird-flu jumps the species barrier is sorely lacking, writes Sally O'Reilly

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Help in preparing for bird-flu outbreak

1 Mar 2006

HR consultancy Mercer has launched a dedicated website to provide companies with advice to address the people challenges of a potential global avian flu pandemic.

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Forward planning is vital to beat flu pandemic

10 Jan 2006

A flu pandemic is no longer a case of if, but when. Sally O’Reilly argues that attitudes need to change...

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Lack of heart makes absence grow longer

10 May 2005

our irascible insider on... cutting absence rates

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More specialists needed to tackle public health problems

7 Jun 2004

number of specialist doctors in the public health workforce needed to tackle
major public health problems will have to...

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Foreign postings

1 May 2004

more and more multinational companies sending employees abroad to work,
employers need to ensure staff are kept safe and...

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Companies restrict travel to SARS-affected countries

1 Jun 2003

UK employers are quarantining staff in a bid to stop infection spreading
around the world are erring on...

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