Citizens Advice training document ‘propagated racial stereotypes’

Citizens Advice in England and Wales has produced a staff training document accused of spreading racist stereotypes.
The document, which...

How recruitment technology can help boost social mobility

25 Jul 2019

The causes of poor social mobility are deep-rooted and complex, but that doesn’t mean employers can’t do more to attract...

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Theresa May announces new Office for Tackling Injustices (OfTI)

12 Jul 2019

Outgoing prime minister Theresa May has announced a new independent body responsible for challenging social injustices and creating a fairer...

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Ethnicity pay gap: Bangladeshi workers lowest paid in the UK

9 Jul 2019

Bangladeshi workers have lowest hourly pay in the UK  – earning around a fifth less than White British employees, according...

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Rail union highlights ‘glaring gap’ in driver diversity

17 Jun 2019

Rail union Aslef has published a report underlining the lack of female, BAME and younger train drivers in Britain.

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Sephora and racial profiling: what can a single training day achieve?

7 Jun 2019

The beauty retailer closed its US stores to deliver diversity training after an incident of racial profiling.

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NHS hospital corridor and nurse

Diversity on the wane among NHS leaders

7 Jun 2019

There are claims that the NHS is in reverse on inclusion after new figures show a marked decline in diversity among its leadership teams.

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A third of BAME employees asked to westernise their name

23 May 2019

Almost one in three ethnic minority employees have been asked to adopt a ‘Western’ work name by a manager –...

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Young smiling woman at job interview

Young people critical of lack of diversity and social mobility

16 May 2019

Two-thirds of young people feel they have to conceal or change who they really are in order to make a good impression and find a job at many businesses.

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What is it like to work in diversity and inclusion?

26 Apr 2019

Have you got what it takes to spearhead diversity and inclusion initiatives? Stephanie Sparrow finds out why diversity and inclusion...

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Women postgraduates earn less than men with first degrees

26 Apr 2019

Women with master’s degrees in England earn less than their male peers who only have bachelor’s degrees, according to the latest data on graduate earnings...

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Ethnic minorities ‘trapped’ in insecure or temporary jobs

12 Apr 2019

Black and minority ethnic (BME) workers are more likely to be “trapped” in temporary or insecure employment than their white...

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Employers lack data needed to analyse ethnicity pay gap

21 Mar 2019

Ninety-five per cent of employers have not analysed their ethnicity pay gap, with many lacking the data that will enable...

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Bank of England ‘way off’ diversity targets

13 Mar 2019

The Bank of England is still “some way off” its diversity targets for next year, with little evidence that it...

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Candidates apply for peak number of graduate schemes as competition grows

7 Mar 2019

Candidates are applying for an all-time high number of graduate schemes, according to figures collated by software company Oleeo.

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