Physical environment

A healthy physical environment in a workplace can be a key factor in maintaining employees’ health. A poorly designed workspace can result in lost productivity and disengaged staff, which could potentially lead to a high staff turnover.

UK workers among the most engaged, survey finds

20 Jun 2017

The UK has one of the most engaged workforces in the world, according to a global piece of research into...

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Millennials: Is your employee experience relevant enough?

14 Jun 2017

There are hordes of clichés around millennial workers, but which attributes should your organisation keep front of mind when hiring ...

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Why the UK needs to switch on to the agility mindset

7 Feb 2017

New research by the Agile Future Forum (AFF) published last week shows that more flexible models of work will be...

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The Digital Tribe: why it’s everyone, not just millennials (webinar)

24 Jun 2016

ON DEMAND | How we adapt to change is critical to our success. From the dawn of civilisation, humans have had to evolve in order to survive and thrive...

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Can you really blow the whistle about a cramped workstation?

12 Apr 2016

Consultant editor Darren Newman explains why the changes introduced in 2013 to the definition of a “protected disclosure” for whistleblowing...

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Fancy-dress days can create a sense of fun but how do they affect professionalism?

Play and professionalism at work: boosting engagement while maintaining standards

28 Jan 2016

ON DEMAND | If having more fun at work can help boost productivity, how can HR encourage the right amount of enjoyment in the organisation while maintaining professionalism?

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National Grid commissioned infrastructure services firm AECOM to radically redesign its headquarters in Warwick.

National Grid: how workplace design has boosted productivity

29 Sep 2015

National Grid has redesigned its workplace to help it engage and attract talented engineers. Simon Carter and Hilary Jeffery outline...

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Acrylic nails cause allergies in beauticians

1 Aug 2013

The fashion for acrylic nails may be behind a rise in allergies being treated by dermatologists, the British Association of...

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Should staff be sent home if temperatures exceed 30 degrees C?

19 Jul 2013

It is the question being discussed in any workplace without the luxury of air conditioning: is there a maximum temperature beyond...

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Occupational health’s role in preventing hearing loss

5 Jun 2013

Any OH practitioner who is likely to find themselves working in an environment where noise is a risk needs an...

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Government supports musculoskeletal disorder prevention

1 Jun 2011

The latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive have shown that of the 28.5 million days lost to work-related...

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Body-mapping tools help spot workplace health risks

3 May 2011

It is essential to identify the causes of work-related disorders for advisers to solve the problem. Body mapping is a...

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Swine flu: guidance and advice for employers and HR

5 Jan 2011

Another outbreak of Swine flu has hit the UK, and is expected to hit employees and employers severely.  With significant rise in the...

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Snow: A guide for employers on pay, leave, safety and employee rights during severe weather

1 Dec 2010

Snow, ice and extreme temperatures continue to plunge the UK into chaos, meaning that HR and employers have more people-related...

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Morgan Lovell appoints sustainability expert

12 Jul 2010

Green office design and refurbishment company Morgan Lovell has appointed a sustainability manager to lead its low-carbon and energy efficiency initiatives...

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