Working life

Rising screen use is risking long-term eye injuries for staff

After a year, for many of us, of being glued to our screens while working from home, reports of workers...

Two thirds of furloughed workers to return by September

2 Jul 2020

Two out of three people currently furloughed through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme could be back at work by the...

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Research: Furlough is curtailing job losses

3 Apr 2020

The government’s furlough scheme is discouraging companies from cutting jobs after research revealed that only one in 20 organisations have...

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‘Overcommitment’ is greatest HR challenge for 2020

13 Feb 2020

The urge to commit to too many initiatives may be one of the greatest challenges facing HR, according to global...

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Most affordable commuting towns in UK revealed

6 Jan 2020

A new study combining mortgage value and rail prices as established the most cost effective towns in the UK when...

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Work to live – creating ‘human-centric’ office spaces

3 May 2019

For many businesses, their office is just “there”, a functional place to put their computers, kit and people. But the...

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30 years in HR: How careers have changed and where they’re heading next (webinar)

1 May 2018

ON-DEMAND | How are organisations changing and what does it mean for HR?

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Five reasons why everyone is so busy – Tony Crabbe

11 May 2016

Business psychologist Tony Crabbe looks at the impact of technological progress on our lives and provides five reasons why we...

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What drives job satisfaction in HR?

Happy in HR? Job satisfaction in the department

2 Apr 2014

They work long hours and more than half say they do not feel valued by their employer – yet more...

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The implications of occupational health’s ageing workforce

3 Jan 2014

As many OH professionals approach retirement, Nic Paton finds that there are too few younger nurses to replace them.Is OH...

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Sharing best practice with a new occupational health group

2 Dec 2013

A new group is bringing OH workers together with the aim of furthering their knowledge of workplace health. Stephen Haynes...

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A minute with… Laura Hare, head of HR, Jagex Games Studio

13 Nov 2013

How did you get into HR?
After completing a degree in marketing with business psychology, I wanted to pursue a...

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What will the next 20 years bring for occupational health?

4 Nov 2013

A report published in June on the role of OH over the next 20 years is already stimulating comment from...

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How to start using data and evidence in HR

28 Oct 2013

Evidence-based HR, the scientific approach to devising and implementing HR policies and practices, has gained traction over the past year....

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Winning with workplace health in the Global Healthy Workplace Awards

7 Oct 2013

The three winners of the Global Healthy Workplace Awards, sponsored by the Cigna Foundation, share an attribute: buy-in from senior...

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