HR Technology

It’s all about timing

13 Jul 2004

Get your time and attendance system running smoothly, and your HR team will benefit from more accurate data and reporting.

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Export strength learning

1 Jun 2004

A massive project to compile a global learning programme for chartered accountants offers insights into worldwide learning styles

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How to live the dream

11 May 2004

Hewlett Packard's e-HR initiative harnessing global HR processes has reaped big rewards, including £28.2m worth of savings.

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Shared vision

23 Mar 2004

In the first of a three-part series on how to implement a successful e-HR project, our panel of experts explain the importance of developing a shared vision

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Red tape stifles development of HR across European Union

16 Mar 2004

A survey of HR across Europe reveals that most countries are struggling to come to terms with the European legislation mountain. Surprisingly, reports Michael Millar the UK is ahead of the pack in adapting to change

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Keeping track of HR IT

2 Mar 2004

The suppliers of HR IT systems have been busy consolidating of late. Keith Rodgers explains what this means for your existing and future systems

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Turning appraisals 360 degrees

17 Feb 2004

Nathalie Towner looks at how an online 360-degree feedback system helped transform the appraisal process at AAH Pharmaceuticals

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Turnover turnaround

10 Feb 2004

How time and attendance software has helped New Look cut staff turnover and improve the bottom line

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Putting the employees first

3 Feb 2004

Nathalie Towner explains how a successful self-service system operates at Borax Europe

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