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HR top tips: 8 key lessons they didn’t teach you at business school

19 Jun 2009

Business school can teach you a number of valuable skills. But to really excel as an HR professional, it’s what you learn about the job by doing the job that proves most valuable, argues Scott Beagrie.

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Career setback… How to deal with a

23 Oct 2007

Why is it important?Being unable to deal with and move on from a career setback or demotion is likely to...

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How to succeed as a non-executive director

3 Sep 2007

For any aspiring HR director, securing a position as a non-executive director will greatly improve your chances of stepping up...

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Downshift: how to

20 Aug 2007

Why is it important?
The concept of downshifting has emerged in recent years as a way of improving work-life balance...

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How to: job hop

10 Jul 2007

Why is it important?The days when being on a progressive career path meant staying at the same company for life...

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Coaching at work: The ethics boys

17 Apr 2007

Any profession worth its salt has a code of ethics. Coaching is still some way from that.

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Opinions come full circle: Personnel Today’s 360-Degree Appraisal of HR

24 Oct 2006

The most excruciating part of any 360-degree feedback process is hearing exactly what your peers think of you. Scott Beagrie and Sue Weekes quizzed five directors outside HR on how they want the relationship with the people experts to work.

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The seven must-read management books

11 Apr 2006

Many of the profession's leading lights attribute their success in part to key management tomes that helped them on their route to the top. Scott Beagrie asked seven HR directors and consultants which books they always go back to.

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Getting the best from work experience

7 Mar 2006

Why is it important?In a survey of top employers conducted by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, structured work experience was...

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Change jobs

10 Jan 2006

There are many reasons for changing jobs, but top of the list are job dissatisfaction and career progression.

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A passion for people and HR

18 Jan 2005

Scott Beagrie finds out what motivates the Personnel Today HR director of the year

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Breaking the sicknote cycle

9 Nov 2004

Scott Beagrie finds out how one GP practice is trying to get people back to work

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What a wonder

12 Oct 2004

The creator of Wonder Woman also provided us with one of the most ubiquitous personality tests, Scott Beagrie reports

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How to become an HR guru

29 Jun 2004

Is there a management book inside you? Are you about to hit the conference circuit to talk though your latest theories?

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‘What is needed from the employees of the future?’

1 Jun 2004

Having produced an interim report on reforming post-14 education, Mike Tomlinson is keen to hear the views of HR. Scott...

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