Emerging HR roles to look out for in 2021

Earlier this year, digital solutions firm Cognizant revealed 21 HR roles that are expected to emerge over the next decade....

Cross-party MPs add to pressure on Sunak to extend furlough

11 Sep 2020

MPs on the Treasury Select Committee call on the government for targeted support for specific sectors after 31 October.

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Has political chaos made us cautious about hiring HR professionals?

5 Jul 2019

The ongoing political uncertainty has led to a high level of caution in hiring organisations. Most HR recruitment has come...

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HR specialist vs HR generalist: which is right for you?

18 Dec 2018

For many HR professionals, there will come a point in their career where they ask themselves whether they want to...

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What qualifications do I need to go into HR?

11 Dec 2018

It is possible to start your human resources career without a specific HR qualification. Getting an HR assistant or officer...

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Hr recruitment trends in 2015

Five trends to watch in HR recruitment in 2015

22 Jan 2015

It stands to reason that, as the overall employment market returns to health, then demand for HR professionals will also...

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Job interview

HR job candidates let down by resourcing peers

3 Dec 2013

HR professionals are being let down in the recruitment process by their own peers, according to new research published today into candidate experience.

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How can women get better at networking?

6 Mar 2012

Any discussion about the differences between male and female business styles will invariably descend into stereotypes and generalisations. However, recent...

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Preparing for an interview

21 Oct 2011

Preparing for an interview can take as much time and research as the initial stages of applying for a job,...

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HR skills to get you noticed

14 Oct 2011

Jobseekers and career-changers need more than a pair of sharp elbows to get ahead in today’s tough economic climate. A...

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How do I re-enter HR after a career break?

12 Aug 2011

Job hunting is never more challenging than during an economic downturn. In tough times, applicants feel driven to cast their...

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HR pay and benefits – what can you expect, and when?

28 Feb 2011

Few HR professionals have enjoyed significant salary increases in the past couple of years. In fact, many have had their...

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Transferable skills for HR professionals

24 Feb 2011

We are told that some things are “for life”. But while eco-friendly shopping bags and dogs might fit this description, a job...

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Why choose a career in HR?

24 Feb 2011

Over the past 30 years the HR profession has moved centre stage. Its professionals are now known as business partners who get...

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Where to find a job in HR

24 Feb 2011

It is said that looking for a job is a full time job in itself. It takes a lot of...

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