Directors’ liabilities in the post-coronavirus workplace

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed directors to a new level of vulnerability and liability, writes Ivor Adair.

The return to work and the risk of ‘associative discrimination’

Employers could be exposing themselves to allegations of discrimination if they require employees who live with a clinically vulnerable person to return to work.

Calculating notice pay for employees on furlough

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) was created at such speed that it created many unanswered questions. The government has...

Settlement agreements: Paying employees’ legal bills

The amount that an employer should pay towards a departing employee’s legal fees for taking advice on a settlement agreement...

Supreme Court

Supreme Court hears final Barclays appeal in sexual harassment case

Supreme Court hears final appeal in significant vicarious liability case with a verdict expected in February.

Why employers need to understand associative discrimination

There is ambiguity over whether claims of associative discrimination can succeed under the Equality Act 2010 but EU law offers some encouragement to...

Political beliefs in the workplace: what does the law say?

As the debate over Brexit reaches a crescendo and leavers and remainers disagree on what should happen next, Richard Fox...

Steep rise in sexual harassment complaints involving law firms

An apparent sharp rise in the number of sexual harassment complaints involving solicitors has drawn attention to law firms' misuse of gagging orders.

EU settled status scheme looks far from settled

Home Office cannot afford to ignore the lessons of the Windrush scandal and suffer the resulting reputational damage.

Legal guidance: Whistleblowing in the NHS

Consultant editor Darren Newman considers whistleblowing in the NHS, focusing on the public interest test and the danger of working...

May’s promise on post-Brexit workers’ rights ‘meaningless’

An EU and employment law barrister has described Theresa May’s purported guarantee on workers’ rights after Brexit as “meaningless” in...

Hospital maintenance

TUPE or not TUPE? NHS Trust did not unfairly dismiss workers

An employment tribunal has found that a hospital trust did not unfairly dismiss 13 maintenance workers because they had not...

The case for an independent labour standards agency

Consultant editor Darren Newman considers the current system of labour standards enforcement and suggests that the Government could play a...

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