Employee communications

The way in which employers communicate with their workforce is an important part of employee relations. Employers should be aware of the importance of communicating with staff during periods of change in the workplace, particularly where the change is brought on by difficult economic circumstances, which may lead to new or amended job duties, organisational restructuring and redundancies.

All aboard

27 Jul 2004

Underlying the changes has been a more open approach to communication between all levels and departments. Whereas information had been...

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From absence to attendance

13 Jul 2004

Sickness absence is no longer a medical issue for employers, it is a strategic one.

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Retail therapy

1 Jun 2004

UK companies will soon have to set up works councils and consult employees before organisational changes are made – a...

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US union busters land in UK

13 Apr 2004

The shadow of European interference still dominates in the media despite the recent appearance of US 'union busters'

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Barking up the wrong tree

16 Mar 2004

HR is right to believe cynicism is a major threat to working life, but remember: cynics have never been a barrel of laughs

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