Line managers fail to live up to expectations

30 Mar 2005

Only a third of UK employees regard their manager as a role model, with many seeing their boss's failure to involve them when developing new ideas or making decisions as a real turn-off

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Familiarity breeds contempt as bad managers rule roost

29 Mar 2005

Employee job satisfaction declines the longer people work for their employers, according to a new study.The findings are based on...

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Ineffective leaders holding back UK plc

23 Mar 2005

Two-thirds of UK organisations are suffering from a shortage of highly effective leaders, according to a survey of 664 training...

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Search for top leaders begins

4 Mar 2005

Which companies breed the best leaders of business in the world?

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Survey reveals pressure to provide answers

2 Mar 2005

Decision-making in UK businesses could be compromised by employees tendency to say something vague rather than say nothing when they are under pressure

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Forward planning helps charity with tsunami response

1 Mar 2005

Being prepared enabled Save the Children to move quickly to the second stage of the recovery effort in South East Asia. Johann Tasker reports

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PwC staff curry favour and raise funds for VSO

14 Feb 2005

PricewaterhouseCoopers is getting its employees to eat curry to support a fundraising campaign.

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Leadership spend still shows limited return on investment

1 Feb 2005

The world's largest ever human capital survey has revealed that companies across Europe are spending vast sums on leadership development, but are getting few tangible benefits in return

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High flyers start young on the road to success

4 Jan 2005

A survey reveals that leadership qualities evident at school mark people out for career success

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Calling leaders to account

1 Jan 2005

Debbie White is scathing about the leadership qualities of many managers. The senior HR manager at mortgage specialist Cheltenham &...

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Public sector scrooges are real party poopers

7 Dec 2004

Public sector employers are the meanest when it comes to giving Christmas parties for staff, according to new research.

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Google is coolest company

22 Nov 2004

Google, the internet search engine, has been named the ‘World’s Coolest Company’ by the Unshrink network of international business leaders....

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Volunteering is good for business

4 Nov 2004

New research has revealed the positive effects of getting staff involved in community volunteering.The results of a study into employee...

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Institute creates blueprint for leadership success

1 Nov 2004

The latest idea for filling the skills vacuum at the top of UK plc is the creation of a blueprint...

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Follow your leader

19 Oct 2004

Antony Adshead talks to two large organisations to find out what leadership means for them

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