Flexible benefits

Flexible benefit schemes allow employees can select, amend or alter their benefits at intervals.

Flexible benefits can be a powerful way of increasing employees’ perceived value of the benefit package, and increasing their engagement.

A flexible benefits scheme allows employees to shape their benefits package to choose the benefits most relevant to their current situation and lifestyle, changing them as those needs change.

Improved technology pushes flexible working up the agenda

20 Oct 2004

Flexible reward is a business need and no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, according to consultancy Watson Wyatt. Morag Prosser, a senior...

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Do benefits packages score with staff?

23 Mar 2004

A recent survey reveals that organisations have not got to grips with how best to motivate and retain staff using benefits packages despite clear evidence that they can work wonders with morale.

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Red tape stifles development of HR across European Union

16 Mar 2004

A survey of HR across Europe reveals that most countries are struggling to come to terms with the European legislation mountain. Surprisingly, reports Michael Millar the UK is ahead of the pack in adapting to change

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An absorbing tale

20 Jan 2004

Alex Blyth is gripped by the absorbing tale of how Deloitte integrated 3,500 new staff in a near seamless transfer

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